Is Selling Jewelry On Worthy Legit - Honest Worthy Review

Is Selling Jewelry On Worthy Legit? (Honest Worthy Review 2024)

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Looking to sell some of your jewelry and looking for a Worthy Review? If so, you might be considering whether Worthy is a jewelry-selling app.

You can sell jewellery on if you have items you no longer want, such as pricey necklaces, diamond engagement rings, and more.

Worthy appraises the value of your jewellery. They then hold an auction to sell it for you. Several people can bid on your item at an auction until the best price is offered.

Worthy will clean and sell your jewellery for you, making the process simple. They do not, however, buy jewellery directly as that is not their business model.

Selling jewellery, particularly heirlooms or engagement rings, can be emotionally and financially taxing. One of the biggest concerns is deciding who to trust and where to sell. is an online marketplace that facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers.

Worthy is a good jewellery site to start with, regardless of the quantity or type of jewellery you have to sell. I sell small pieces of jewellery on there.

For more information about this website that sells jewellery, please read my Worthy Review below.

What Is Worthy?

Jewellery can be sold on, an online auction site designed to generate extra cash.

Worthy assists by putting you in touch with a group of knowledgeable purchasers. Selling your jewellery to a local jeweller, eBay, or even a pawn shop may result in a lower price for you due to competition.

Worthy prioritizes dependability and convenience in the operation of its website to make things simple for users. They want every customer to have an easy and stress-free experience when using the auction site.

I am aware of how difficult it can be to mail something as costly as jewellery, but Worthy has received excellent feedback and offers insurance (which you can learn more about below).

Types of Jewelry You Can Sell on Worthy

You can auction a variety of items from Worthy when you decide to sell your jewellery. To assist you in determining whether your jewellery pieces meet their needs, consider the following list:

  • Earrings – Whether they are simple studs or elaborate chandeliers, your earrings made of precious metals and with or without stones can be sold.
  • Rings – Engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding rings, cocktail rings, platinum bands, or any other type.
  • Necklaces – Gold chains, pendants, pearls, or diamond necklaces can find a new home through Worthy.
  • Bracelets – Tennis bracelets, bangles, or charm bracelets are good candidates for selling on the platform.
  • Loose diamonds and gemstones – Whether they are former parts of jewelry or never-set stones, loose diamonds and gemstones can be sold on Worthy.
  • Watches – Luxury watches from brands like Rolex, OMEGA, and TAG Heuer are usually in demand.

Several variables, including the kind of jewellery, the carat weight, the grading report, the brand (Cartier or Rolex, perhaps? ), and a host of other factors, will determine how much you can get for your jewellery on Worthy.

The best part of Using Worthy

You are undoubtedly searching for a service that is dependable, honest, communicates well, and has a history of satisfying customers when you use an internet platform to sell your priceless jewellery. Reviews I found online and comments from customers seem to indicate that Worthy satisfies these needs.

Professional and trustworthy service

Worthy is a service that streamlines the selling of diamond jewellery and exhibits a high degree of professionalism. The platform, which has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, has shown to be a useful tool for jewellery sellers selling online.

Transparency and communication

Worthy has some really great features, like an easy-to-use website and well-organized content that is accessible to all users. They, in my opinion, make the procedure simple to comprehend so that anyone can determine what to do next to maximize their jewellery sales.

From the moment the shipping company picks up your jewellery until the last sale is completed, you will receive frequent updates via text or email that detail every step of the process. As a result, you will always be aware of what is going on and what comes next!

Worthy user satisfaction and reviews

Worthy boasts many excellent Worthy reviews and a high user satisfaction rate. To get the most money out of your jewellery, people usually appreciate how simple the website is to use and how quickly payments can be made.

Here are some Worthy reviews I found online:

  • Worthy has a 4.31/5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) out of 208 Worthy reviews
  • Worthy has a 4.60/5 star rating on Trustpilot out of 3,658 Worthy reviews

As you can see, that is a lot of great reviews on Worthy!

Worthy review complaints

One of the most frequent complaints I found while searching for Worthy reviews was about how long it takes to sell jewellery on the platform. On average, it takes two weeks. In my opinion, that is not too long, and if you want to sell your jewellery for the most money, waiting is probably worth it compared to your other options.

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How Worthy Works?

If you choose to use Worthy to sell your jewellery, you are utilising a simple service that handles every step of the sale procedure, from appraisal to auction.

Here’s how Worthy works:

You visit the Worthy website and enter information about the jewellery you wish to sell to begin the transaction. Providing as much information as you can aid in a precise assessment. Worthy then provide you with a shipping label so you can send your jewellery securely (before shipping, make sure your item has adequate insurance coverage) and even offers FedEx pickup.

Lloyd’s of London offers complete insurance coverage for valuables you send to Worthy, up to $50,000, from the time the item is shipped until it is sold or returned to you.

Lloyd’s of London offers complete insurance coverage for valuables you send to Worthy, up to $50,000, from the time the item is shipped until it is sold or returned to you.

Following receipt of your item, Worthy handles several crucial tasks. Professionals inspect, clean, and take pictures of your jewellery. The creation of a GIA lab report certification (Gemological Institute of America) provides you and prospective buyers with confidence regarding the authenticity and value of the item.

The item is then placed up for auction, and you have the option to establish a reserve price, which is your lowest price, to ensure that you don’t sell your jewellery for less than you would like.

To ensure you receive competitive bids, the Worthy team locates qualified jewellery buyers. It’s crucial to be aware that the payment process may take five to seven business days after the auction closes and the highest bidder wins your item. Though they might be less expensive, some local businesses or other services might allow instant payment, so keep that in mind when considering the waiting period.

Worthy ensures the safe delivery of your jewellery to the purchasers, which is another pleasant feature. You won’t have to worry if something goes wrong on the way because they will cover the cost of the shipping insurance.

Comparing Worthy with Competitors

If you choose to sell your jewellery online, it’s critical to know how various platforms, such as Worthy, stack up against their rivals in terms of pricing, professionalism, and procedure.

Worthy vs other auction platforms

By fusing the ease of online shopping with the competitiveness of live auctions, Worthy distinguishes itself from other jewellery auction websites. Professional buyers and diamond dealers engage in bidding wars on Worthy, with the possibility of obtaining better offers for your diamond jewellery. This is not like some other auction platforms where fewer bidders or predetermined wholesaler pricing may decide the selling price.

Worthy vs CIRCA

When you contrast Worthy with CIRCA (formerly known as Mondiamo), you’ll see that each company purchases jewellery differently. CIRCA uses a direct purchasing approach in which they appraise your jewellery and provide you with a purchase price.

When you work with CIRCA, you usually deal with a single organization of expert diamond buyers as opposed to the larger network that Worthy offers through its auction structure.

With CIRCA, you might receive a direct price without having to compete in an auction setting, unlike Worthy, which is an auction with multiple retailers and dealers bidding. They buy your jewellery directly from you and there are no fees or commissions associated with using their service; instead, you receive an upfront price (instead of listing it online for an auction).

Is Worthyfew a safe way to sell a diamond ring?

They are definitely safe to use. Worthyfew resells the jewelry to a network of jewelry stores. They are basically brokers that first clean up your jewelry, and then find suitable buyers who need that specific piece.

Other than taking too long, the process was easy and paid out really well. I had a bunch of vintage jewelry, so I really needed the white glove service they offered me. I needed experts to really hold my hand and appraise each piece. They are legit and I would recommend them.

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Summary of Worthy Review

Selling jewellery, particularly heirlooms or engagement rings, can be emotionally and financially taxing. One of the biggest concerns is deciding who to trust and where to sell. is an online marketplace that facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers. Its goal is to make the sale of fine jewellery valued at $1,000 or more transparent and safe.

Several buyers can bid on your jewellery through the service’s auction model, potentially raising the sale price. allows you to set a minimum sale price and provides free GIA lab reports along with insured and trackable shipping. Customer reviews indicate that people appreciate how simple it is to sell, how quick the bidding process is, and the helpful customer service. Even with alternative options, it’s crucial to take the platform’s efficacy and reliability into account when selling pricey jewellery.

Steps to sell your jewelry with Worthy:

  1. Click here to send your jewelry to Worthy.
  2. Worthy checks your jewelry and helps you know how much it’s worth. If you don’t like the price, you can decide not to sell it and get your jewelry back.
  3. Your jewelry is put up for auction.
  4. You get money when someone buys it.

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