How To Find Legit Remote Jobs - 20 Best Job Sites To Find Legit Remote Jobs

How To Find Legit Remote Jobs: 20 Best Job Sites To Find Legit Remote Jobs in 2024

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20 Best Job Sites To Find Legit Remote Jobs. Are you sick of traveling to work and would prefer a schedule that is more accommodating to your family’s needs? Because of the pandemic, many businesses now allow employees to work remotely from home. However, how can one locate genuine remote job postings?

It makes sense that working remotely is becoming more and more common. Flexible work hours and the ability to work from home while maintaining a steady income are two benefits of remote employment.

Finding remote jobs can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, whether your goal is to become a digital nomad and travel the world or you just want a job that gives you more flexibility.

Top 20 Sites for Searching Legit Remote Jobs in 2024

1. FlexJobs

With over 50 categories for remote work, FlexJobs offers pre-screened positions in all pay scales from part-time to full-time, as well as entry-level to executive remote careers. There are currently over 20,000 job postings for digital nomads and work-from-home positions on the online job board.

Flexjobs provides a large selection of remote work options, from full-time writing and editing jobs to marketing and software engineering roles.

Flexjobs distinguishes itself from other platforms with its dedication to offering job seekers legitimate remote jobs free from scams.

Before posting a job on the platform, they carefully screen each employer, so you can be sure that any remote position listed on Flexjobs is reputable and trustworthy.

My FlexJobs Review will assist you in comprehending the features and advantages that FlexJobs provides, enabling you to choose the best option for your remote job search.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online job board where independent contractors advertise their services to companies and people in need of project assistance.

Jobs on Fiverr range from graphic design and writing to programming and video editing. The website is user-friendly and provides detailed guidance on how to locate the ideal gig for your requirements.

You can use the search bar to find gigs related to your area of expertise or peruse through hundreds of gigs and remote jobs posted worldwide.

Additionally, you have the option to make a profile for yourself and list your services for prospective customers to see. Prices can start at $5, but you have complete control over how much you charge.

3. Steady

A job board app called Steady publishes job postings intended especially for people looking for flexible, remote work as well as those who might want to launch side businesses.

This platform’s user-friendly search feature, which enables users to locate remote jobs and receive recommendations based on their skills, is what makes it unique.

To ensure you never miss an opportunity in your field, you can filter gig opportunities based on project type, duration, skills required, and more. You can also set up job alerts.

4. ARC

ARC is a global job board exclusively for developers who work remotely. This could be a very helpful resource for you if you’re new to technology. Look through their page for internships and remote junior developer jobs.

to have job postings marked with an entry-level applicant only. Although it can be difficult to locate actual entry-level developer positions, this is a fantastic place to look.

5. Upwork

Another well-liked website for remote work seekers seeking freelance work is Upwork. It features some job listings for entry-level positions but primarily targets seasoned professionals searching for remote work.

Remote job postings in various categories, including software development, virtual assistant work, customer service, data entry, accounting, and many more, can be found on the Upwork network.


Offers you the option to explore or search by job type from their hand-curated list of remote jobs. Customer service positions, design opportunities, developer jobs, recruiter and HR roles, sales jobs, and other online remote jobs (including writers, managers, and marketers) are among the job categories and listings.

7. Freelancer

Finding a remote job is made simpler by Freelancer, the largest freelance marketplace in the world connecting employers and freelancers.

Jobs like web developers, content writers, PHP developers, web designers, and more are available on the website.

Additionally, posting jobs online swiftly and effectively and getting quotes in a matter of seconds are made simple by the website.

You can easily find a job that matches your skill set and interests because there are so many remote jobs available.


includes positions in development, marketing and design, HR, and customer success, among other job verticals and remote work. Roles can be filtered based on location, and their online job board makes it evident whether positions require a certain country or time overlap.

9. Indeed

Indeed is a job board for independent contractors seeking remote work; candidates can also find jobs locally.

It’s also one of the most widely used conventional job boards for job applications.

Indeed makes it simpler to find remote work that fits your skill set and experience level with its large selection of available remote jobs and user-friendly interface.

To facilitate the job search, Indeed also offers useful tools like salary estimators, employer reviews, and job alerts.


Run by a completely remote team, the jobs board offers telecommuting opportunities in paralegal and technical writing, among other fields. The website offers excellent advice on its blog as well as a jobs board.

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11. Dribbble

Dribbble is a priceless tool for a freelancer in the US looking for a remote position.

Digital designers and creatives can promote themselves on Dribbble, a social networking site that is well-known for its tech job listings.

Dribbble gives designers the chance to network with other professionals in the field, gain inspiration from one another’s work, and locate possible clients or employers.

Additionally, the platform makes it simpler for freelancers to locate remote jobs in the US by providing resources like portfolios, feedback threads, remote job postings, and more.

12. is a comprehensive website that assists freelancers in finding remote jobs and provides career advice.

Results can be filtered according to salary range, experience level (entry, mid, or senior), and job type (full-time, part-time, contract).

Once you’ve located remote job listings that pique your interest, you can apply right away using Monster’s user-friendly application process.

To assist freelancers in maintaining organization throughout their remote job search, Monster also provides a range of tools and resources.


In addition to offering a comprehensive list of open remote jobs in fields like web development, UX design, content creation, and digital marketing, virtual job boards also give users access to their online community.

14. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely bills itself as the largest community for remote work, especially for tech-related jobs like web design and development.

To help you better understand each job listing before applying, it also gives you an overview of each one, including the company size, the date it was posted, the industry it is in, etc.

Every listing has reviews from previous or present workers, which is quite helpful in determining whether or not to pursue a specific opportunity!


Remotive is a bi-monthly newsletter for job seekers who are interested in working remotely. It features a comprehensive list of remote openings categorized by job roles, such as product engineering, marketing, sales, and support, making it simple to find the exact role you’re searching for.

16. Skip The Drive

A remote job board called Skip the Drive focuses on remote jobs. It provides job seekers with lots of opportunities!

This covers jobs in customer service, software development, sales and digital marketing, engineering, education, healthcare, and other fields, both full-time and part-time, as well as contract and freelance work.

You have the option to narrow down your search results by experience level or job type in addition to location.

The wonderful thing about Skip the Drive is that it also provides free resources, like articles about how to locate remote jobs.

They even offer advice on how to maintain productivity when working from home, which can be challenging for those who hold remote jobs.


All of Remote OK’s job listings are tagged, so you can set filters to find just the jobs you’re looking for. These include jobs posted by recruiters, jobs categorized by experience level (junior, senior, etc.), jobs categorized by job type (sales, marketing, design, dev, and more), and even jobs classified as tech or non-tech (though even “non-tech” jobs, like analysts and marketers, will benefit from having a basic understanding of technology).

18. The Muse

For both companies seeking to hire workers remotely and job seekers looking for their next big opportunity, The Muse provides an amazing range of options.

Apart from customary employment and remote job advertisements from diverse sectors, it features niche sections dedicated to contract labor, internships, and executive-level roles.

Via its blog entries, it also offers beneficial guidance on a variety of topics, including how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and ensure that your resume is unique.

19. Virtual Vocations

An additional excellent resource for locating remote work is Virtual Vocations.

Over 100,000 telecommuting jobs in all US industries, including marketing, customer service, healthcare, sales, and more, are searchable on their website.

To be the first to learn about new job postings or opportunities that fit your desired criteria, you can also sign up for personalized email alerts.

Additionally, they offer a vast library of resources with advice on everything from crafting a winning CV to getting ready for job interviews.

20. Jobspresso

Another job board that assists people looking for remote work in connecting with companies that provide these opportunities is called Jobspresso.

It’s the simplest approach to locating top-notch remote jobs in marketing, customer service, technology, and other fields.

Jobspresso provides a multitude of services to facilitate your search for remote employment.

In addition to offering useful resources like resume and cover letter writing tips, interview tips, and more, you can search for remote work based on keywords and locations.

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My Final Thoughts

A great place to look for remote job listings is a job board!

Find out what kind of remote work best suits your needs by doing some research and then setting up a profile on reliable job-posting websites such as FlexJobs.

Make sure that all the details in your profile are correct and up to date so that during the screening process, recruiters can see a clear picture of the potential candidates!

The Steady App is a great resource for finding remote jobs that allow you to work from home full-time, as well as for finding side gigs that can increase your monthly income.

The ideal remote position could be just around the corner if you have the perseverance and diligence to create a compelling profile and consistently apply on these platforms!

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