Is AppNana Legit Or A Scam - Honest Review

Is AppNana Legit Or A Scam? (Honest Review 2024)

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Is AppNana a reliable source of income, though? Is it a time waster, or not? You may have tried playing video games at some point in your life. However, did you know that you can make money from this pastime as well?

Yes, there are numerous methods for making money while playing video games. And AppNana, a mobile gaming rewards app, is the ideal illustration.

See if AppNana is worth installing on your smartphone by reading this review through to the end!

What is AppNana?

With the free AppNana app on iOS and Android, you can win gift cards by engaging in mobile game play. Its basic concept is this. After downloading and playing games for a while, you can exchange your points for gift cards at a later time.

Among the most widely used gaming reward apps is AppNana. You should also feel fairly comfortable using this app if you have previously used Mistplay and Coin Pop.

Now, bear in mind that you won’t get rich off of apps like AppNana. To truly receive any valuable rewards, it takes a while.

It might be worthwhile to download, though, if you like playing mobile games anyhow, as you’re essentially making free money for doing something you would be doing anyhow.

Is AppNana Legit?

AppNana is a genuine app that rewards you for playing new mobile games with free gift cards. With more than 420,000 reviews and over 10 million downloads, it also has an average rating of 4.2 stars:

If you accrue enough points on the app, you can receive free gift cards. Additionally, there are a tonne of games and reward options available. Additionally, several Reddit users who have cashed out have posted payment proof online, and AppNana typically pays rewards within a few days.

But the earning potential is incredibly low, and it takes far too long to get rewards worth $2! Therefore, don’t count on using this app to generate a full-time income.

How Does AppNana Work?

If you want to earn rewards with AppNana, the process works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Install the app & sign up.
  2. Download new games and play.
  3. Watch videos.
  4. Earn points.
  5. Cash out.

Complete tasks, earn points, and redeem them for free gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Xbox gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Roblox gift cards, and more. Members have already earned over $10 million in gift card credits!

I tested out AppNana to see how the app works and to explore the kinds of games you can play to earn rewards. Overall, the app was very easy to use.

1. Install & Sign Up

Go to and create an account to download AppNana. All they need is your password and email address. You can find AppNana on the Google Play store and download it there by searching for it.

You must download “AppJoy Nana” from the App Store if you’re using iOS. If you’re not sure you’ve found the correct app, the website can also reroute you there.

You’ll get 10,000 Nanas (their equivalent of points) as a welcome bonus as soon as you sign up.

2. Download New Games & Play

You can earn points from some of these mobile gaming apps that compensate you for playing by accumulating points over time. This method sounds good; it basically turns your gaming time into a small passive income stream.

With apps like AppNana, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your points per minute typically start to decrease quickly after playing. This implies that apps may pay well initially, but their earnings may gradually decline until you try out new titles.

Fortunately, each game on AppNana has a unique set of requirements that you must meet to gain points.


A game may state, for instance, “reach 5 million mighty points to earn a reward” or “play for at least 5 minutes to earn credits.” As you can see, to unlock some games, you need to have time, while others require an actual achievement.

All you need to do to actually begin playing is look through the selection of AppNana games found under the “Get Nanas” section and fulfill the necessary tasks.

3. Watch Videos

Unlike the majority of other apps in this category, playing video games isn’t the only way to get rewards. By using the app to watch videos and advertisements, you can increase your Nanas. But these videos are essentially advertisements, which can be very bothersome.

Additionally, you typically receive no more than five to ten Nanas per video. For comparison, the typical AppNana game awards you with several thousand Nanas!

Although it’s not the quickest or most fun way to accrue points, you can earn money automatically and accelerate your cash-out time with its assistance.

4. Earn Points

Once more, this app won’t make you wealthy, and the points you accrue won’t enable you to cash out every day.

You will receive 15,000 Nanas on average for the first few games you download and play. 175,000 points is the highest possible score, but getting there may take several days.

The number of points you receive will decrease as you play more and more games. You will then need to play a wide variety of games frequently to feel as though you are genuinely earning enough Nanas at that point.

You will eventually accumulate enough Nanas from playing to either download paid games or exchange them for gift cards.

Expert Advice: Keep a watch out for achievement chances as these tasks typically pay significantly more than just earning Nanas per minute. If the mission is for a game you enjoy, this is a fun way to earn some rewards, even though they take a while.

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Cashing Out & AppNana Rewards

To redeem a reward, you must cash out a minimum of about 30,000 Nanas. To put things in perspective, 30,000 Nanas is equivalent to a $1 Amazon gift card, so it takes a lot of points to get a little reward.

There are a ton of AppNana gift card options as well, including gift cards to companies like:

  • Amazon
  • Itunes
  • Steam codes
  • PlayStation
  • GTA Shark Cards
  • Fifa
  • NBA 2K
  • NFL 
  • Nintendo
  • League of Legends
  • Xbox

Additionally, you can exchange your points for paid mobile games and in-app purchases. I will concede, though, that one drawback of AppNana’s rewards is the absence of PayPal cash.

How Much Does AppNana Pay?

It is improbable that you will earn a significant amount of money with this app. After a few weeks or months of playing games, you might be able to earn a free gift card from AppNana, which has a very low hourly earning potential.

Not to mention that a $1 Amazon gift card is 30,000 Nanas. It is unlikely that the typical player makes that much money every day. In conclusion, this won’t pay for your weekly lunch or even your rent or grocery bills.

Whether or not you earn money from these mobile games, you must genuinely enjoy playing them. The only realistic way you can continue to make money is in that manner.

AppNana Games List

When you head over to the “Get Nanas” section of the app, you’ll find a list of games along with an option to watch videos and unlock other offers.

Here’s a list of games on AppNana:

  • Forge of Empires
  • Castle Clash
  • WWE Supercard
  • Donald’s Empire
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Jewelish
  • Winter Adventures
  • Foot Chinko
  • Animalines
  • Traffic
  • Multi square
  • Basket & Ball
  • Bingo Tour
  • Fruita Crush
  • Jetpack Master
  • Smarty Bubbles

There are basically dozens of games from every genre you can think of, which is a plus for AppNana. Just note that some games might be excluded from your list depending on where you live.

Other AppNana Reviews

As previously indicated, AppNana has received over 100,000 reviews on the app store, the majority of which are positive. Nonetheless, I’m always a little leery of those kinds of metrics because it’s difficult to determine how many reviews are genuine.

You can find a general consensus on Reddit about AppNana, saying that while it is legitimate, it takes a very long time to redeem a reward. As you can see, these Reddit users are complaining that AppNana isn’t worth your time and that they were never able to cash out:

Other AppNana review from Play Store

Once more, I believe this demonstrates why, if you already enjoy playing mobile games and like their selection of games, AppNana is the best. There are definitely better options available if your primary goal is to make money, such as side gig applications.

The Best Apps Like AppNana

Because of its extremely low earning potential, AppNana isn’t among the greatest gaming reward apps in my opinion. Fortunately, you can use a variety of other GPT websites and applications to earn rewards in your free time.

Some other apps like AppNana you can try include:

  • Rewarded Play: This U.S. and Canadian app lets you play exciting new games to earn gift cards
  • Mistplay: A leading gaming reward app for Android.
  • Money Well: Another way to play games is for PayPal cash and gift cards.
  • Swagbucks: This site pays you for answering surveys, shopping online, downloading apps, playing games, and watching ads.
  • Cash Giraffe: Another Android app with a low $0.20 cash-out requirement.
  • MyPoints: Another popular GPT platform that also has a $10 sign-up bonus.
  • Kashkick: Another way to answer paid surveys and play games for cash.

Although these websites have a lower earning potential than AppNana, they are far more reliable. Still, they won’t make you wealthy. Additionally, some of them have additional ways to make money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppNana IOS Available?

You can use the iOS gaming app from AppNana in place of the Android one. You must download the app from

A different option is to go to the App Store and download the iOS version of the program called “AppJoy Nana.”

Are There AppNana Hacks?

There exist AppNana hacks that guarantee an infinite quantity of Nanas. These exploits are frauds! At all costs, avoid using any AppNana hacks. When it comes to earning money online or through apps, the general rule is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

What are AppNana Codes?

With AppNana invitation codes, you can get 2,500 Nanas each time a friend downloads the app and uses your unique code. In addition, your friend gains an additional 2,500 Nanas for signing up.

This is a fairly simple referral scheme, and it’s not really a huge earner because prizes start at 30,000 Nanas.

Final Thoughts on AppNana

You’re better off using a gig economy app to make your time worthwhile if you’re not a big gamer and just want to make some extra money.

I tested AppNana and discovered that it was user-friendly. However, it doesn’t pay very much, making it a less profitable side gig. You should give AppNana a try if you enjoy playing mobile games a lot and would play them anyhow!

In the end, you should definitely try apps like Cash Giraffe and Mistplay first. You can try using apps like AppNana and App Flame to continue receiving rewards when your earnings start to decline.

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