Get Paid To Move To Greece Antikythera Full Guide

Get Paid To Move To Greece (Antikythera Full Guide 2024)

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Are you eager to get paid to move to Greece? Well, take note – the enchanting island of Antikythera might not be on your radar, but now is the time to explore its wonders!

This Greek paradise is much more than a destination with crystal-clear turquoise waters and days spent relaxing under the Mediterranean sun.

Antikythera gained fame in the early 1900s for being the site of the discovery of the legendary “Youth of Antikythera” and the captivating astronomical marvel known as the “Antikythera Mechanism”.

This is no ordinary island; It contains a rich tapestry of historical mysteries waiting to be unveiled!

Discover an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanted Mediterranean lifestyle, enjoy the charm of breathtaking beaches, explore captivating history and receive compensation for this enjoyable experience. count me in!

If you find yourself unaware about relocating to a different country, especially to the fascinating Antikythera in Greece, and tirelessly read ‘How to Apply to Antikythera, Greece 2024’ and ‘How to Navigate Antikythera Greece Immigration 2024’ Have been searching for such information, but have not been successful. don’t care.

I am here to guide you through the complex process. From my personal experience of moving to different countries, I understand the challenges and careful preparation required to seamlessly change your life – and even your friend’s life! (I moved to Ireland with my beloved cat Sandy).

Embark on this journey with confidence, and let me help you make your dream of relocating to Greece come true.

Stay with me, as this ultimate guide will navigate you through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get paid to move to Greece! Let’s dive right in!

Antikythera Greece Pay to Move: How to Apply

Considering relocating to Greece? Athens may be the first city that comes to mind, but let’s explore the hidden gem of Antikythera.

Picture this – living on a quaint Greek island nestled between Crete and the Peloponnese, the mesmerizing Aegean Sea graces your daily horizon.

This delightful Aegean retreat spans 24 square kilometres, offering a small but charmingly intimate lifestyle.

Now, you may be curious – can one actually get compensated for visiting Antikythera? Will Greece provide financial incentives for relocation?


Antikythera is struggling with population decline, and here’s the tempting offer: the island is actively looking for new residents and is willing to support the move financially!

Antikythera Greece

So, how can you get paid to live in Antikythera, Greece? Is there a specific application process for Antikythera, Greece?

Although there is no official website dedicated to Antikythera, Greece applications, the Greek Orthodox Church on the island has presented an attractive plan. They offer paid visitors to Antikythera to encourage more people to call it their home.

Although you won’t find homes for sale directly in Antikythera, Greece, the package includes a residence and a plot of land.

As a cherry on top, you’ll also receive €500 (USD $548) every month for the first three years of your stay. Now, that’s a remarkable deal!

Who Should Consider Moving to Antikythera

Perhaps you have found yourself here after researching how to move to Greece without money or how to make money visiting Antikythera, Greece.

Consider Moving to Antikythera

If you’re curious about what life meant in Antikythera, you probably fit these criteria.

So, what exactly are the requirements for Antikythera, Greece?

Regarding the application process to move to Antikythera, Greece, the primary goal of the church initiative is to promote the population of the island.

In more detail, if you are part of a large family with young children, you align with the demographic they are targeting, as the aim is to repopulate the island.

Additionally, certain skill sets are highly valued because they can contribute significantly to the economy and community of Antikythera.

Therefore, if you are skilled in building, baking, fishing or animal husbandry, you are in high demand.

Life on Antikythera

Curious about life on this fascinating island, especially if you’re considering a move to Greece with the added bonus of paying?

In the past, Antikythera had a population of more than 300, but today, it is home to only 24 permanent residents, which increases to about 40 during the summer. Despite its small size, the island of Antikythera Greece promises resettlement incentives.

Discover breathtaking scenery and fascinating historical artifacts, such as a 1900 shipwreck and an ancient fort once inhabited by pirates.

If you are attracted to tranquil places rich in history and are tempted by the prospect of a complimentary home through the Antikythera Greece Resettlement Program, this could be the destination of your dreams.

Although you won’t find listings for ‘Antikythera Greece jobs’, the island warmly welcomes families with skills in the baking or fishing industries.

However, some adjustments will be required in daily life. Accustomed to peace, the island demands adaptation to its isolated setting.

Recently, a family move brought new life to a local primary school after 25 silent years.

With only a handful of grocery stores nearby and no gas stations or taxi service on the island, daily amenities can be limited.

Ferry services connect the island to the mainland, yet disruptions can occur due to high winds. In one example, a man faced up to a month of separation from his family when ferry services were closed due to adverse wind conditions.

These challenges are inherent when choosing to relocate to Antikythera.

Antikythera Greece How to Apply 2024

Are you curious about making Antikythera, Greece your new home and thinking about the relocating process? Where can you get the ‘Antikythera Island How to Apply’ form?

Currently, there is no detailed official application process for those wishing to avail of this opportunity. But don’t be afraid; Let me guide you through the steps on ‘How to apply to stay there in Antikythera Greece’.

If you’re really considering the move, President Andreas Harhalakis recommends a visit to experience this place firsthand. He even extends an invitation to host potential residents during his visit.

Forget about searching for Antikythera Greece immigration website to submit your transfer application directly. Getting to the island of Antikythera involves contacting the local association, the Apantachou Antikythera Association.

However, going there requires proper documentation just like any other country. This goes beyond simply filling out the ‘Move to Antikythera Application Form’.

So, what are the conditions you need to meet to visit Antikythera Greece?

  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Visa: Apply for a long-term visa or residence permit, which can be obtained from the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your country.
  • Resident Permit: Required for stays of more than 90 days or 3 months, apply for this at the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
  • Proof of income: Provide a statement of income to support yourself, supported by bank statements, a letter from your employer, or evidence of superannuation or investments.
  • Marriage and family documents: Include marriage certificates, birth certificates for children, and other relevant family documents.
  • Driver’s License: Secure an International Driving Permit (IDP) or Greek Driving License.
  • Banking: Consider opening a local bank account in Greece for all financial transactions and payments.
  • Local Registration: Upon arrival, registration with the local authority (municipal office or police station) may be required.

For more information on ‘How to Apply Antikythera Greece 2024’, check out these valuable resources:

Antikythera, Greece website

Union of Apantachou Antikythera “Agios Myron”

contact information:

community of antikythera

Antikythera, 80100

Tel: +30 2736033004

Fax: +30 2736033471

Community Secretary’s Office

Kapasali, 80100 Kythera

Telephone. & Fax +30 2736031930

Feel free to get in touch and explore the possibilities of calling Antikythera your new home!

Other Places That Pay You to Move

Get Paid to Move to Africa

Relocating to a new continent is a significant undertaking, requiring thoughtful consideration of various aspects, from official requirements to the nuances of the local culture.

Let’s take a look at the essentials for your trip to Africa.

Determining the cost of your transfer depends on factors such as the weight of your luggage, transfer services required, preferred mode of transportation, distance involved and even the time of your transfer. If you plan to bring a vehicle, familiarize yourself with the destination country’s regulations covering vehicle type and age. Remember to drain all fuel and disconnect the battery before transportation.

Review your insurance needs, including medical, dental and life coverage. Be aware of customs duties and taxes applicable in the destination country. Make sure you receive the required vaccinations tailored to the specific needs of your new home.

Make arrangements for storage of household items that do not come with you on the trip. Check and double-check the list of prohibited items to avoid delays at customs.

Starting with the basics, become familiar with the language and culture of your destination country. Language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel can facilitate this process.

Complete preparation is necessary for those traveling with pets. In some countries where certification is mandatory for animals, the possible quarantine period may extend up to two weeks. PetRelocation, a specialist company, is excellent at moving pets abroad and can provide valuable assistance.

Start your relocation journey armed and equipped with the necessary knowledge for a smooth transition to Africa.

Get Paid to Move to Chile

Considering starting a new venture?

Explore the possibilities in Chile, where breathtaking landscapes meet cutting-edge tech hubs.

The Start-Up Chile Initiative provides not only financial support but also comprehensive support for startups looking to establish their roots in Chile.

Here are details of the grants available:

  • Build Program – Geared towards startup enthusiasts, this 4-month initiative provides approximately $14,000 in funding to beneficiaries. Additionally, participants gain access to a collaborative workspace and a 1-year resident visa.
  • Ignite Program – Designed for small startups aiming to expand, this program provides approximately $30,000 in equity-free funding, with the option to expand by an additional $30,000.
  • Growth Program – Designed for advanced or large startups, this program is a game-changer, offering substantial funding of $80,000.

Embrace Chile’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and take advantage of these opportunities to advance your business. Get Paid to Move to Chile!

Get Paid to Move USA: Vermont and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dreaming of living in the land of opportunities? Vermont attracts with its attractive Worker Relocation Incentive Program, which ensures a smooth transition by offering a generous amount of up to $7,500 to offset your relocation costs, whether you secure employment within the state or begin remote work.

Venture further, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, reflects this attractive offering. Remote professionals are welcomed with open arms, as the city offers attractive grants of up to $10,000, empowering you to set up both your residence and workplace within its vibrant circle.

Get Paid to Move New Zealand: Kaitangata

Discover the charm of New Zealand, a country blessed with stunning landscapes and an attractive offer for those who are considering moving to the charming town of Kaitangata.

Located in one of New Zealand’s prime coal sites, Kaitangata attracts with a unique offer. Upon relocation, the government shows a generous gesture by gifting you a residence worth approximately US$165,000.

Embrace the prospect of a fresh start in a city with 1,500 job opportunities, a remarkable surplus considering its modest population of 800. Opportunities abound in this quaint corner of New Zealand!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kaitangata and take advantage of the opportunity for a fresh start, where not only the picturesque environment but also the promising job market awaits. The government’s offer of housing worth US$165,000 adds a touch of allure to the prospect of calling Kaitangata home. With over 1,500 job opportunities in a town of only 800 residents, the potential for a full and prosperous life is undeniable.

Head on over and experience the unique charm of Kaitangata, where New Zealand’s beautiful landscape meets a promising future.

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FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Greece

Can I Move To Greece?

Curious about relocating to Greece? Absolutely! To make your dream come true, obtaining a D visa, commonly known as a national visa (long-term), is essential, especially for non-EU residents.

This special visa is a requirement for all non-EU citizens wishing to establish long-term residence in the picturesque country of Greece.

What Is The Closest Airport To Antikythera?

Are you relocating to the beautiful island of Antikythera in Greece and curious to know about the nearest airport? Look no further than Kithira (KIT), located on the charming Kithira Island.

Reaching Antikythera by air is not a direct option. The optimal trip involves flying into Kythira and embarking on a scenic 2-hour boat trip to the delightful Antikythera island. This seamless connection ensures a smooth and pleasant transition to your Mediterranean destination.

How Do I Apply For The Antikythera Island?

Make money while living in Antikythera, Greece. Are you wondering about the process of relocating to the island of Antikythera? Unlike other destinations, there is no formal application process.

When considering a transfer to Antikythera, the prerequisites are consistent with those required for a transfer to any other Greek location.

Necessary requirements for travel to Antikythera, Greece include a valid passport, visa, resident permit and proof of stable income.

Can You Move To Greece For Free?

While Antikythera, Greece, offers incentives for relocation, is it possible to relocate to Greece at no cost?

To establish residence in Greece, one must go through the resident permit application process. The fee structure is determined according to the duration of the application.

For a one-year permit, the application fee is €150 ($162). If you’re looking at a two-year permit, the fee increases to €300 ($325). Opting for a three-year permit will cost €450 ($488).

Ensure a smooth transition to Greece by securing your resident permit quickly and efficiently.

Get paid to move to Greece (Summary)

Get ready to be immersed in the delectable mix of ancient history, charming beaches and delicious cuisine waiting for you in Antikythera – because I certainly am 🙂

So, are you ready to fully embrace the rich Greek lifestyle and taste its distinctive flavours?

Feel free to express your views in the comments section below.

And, if you know someone who can’t resist the allure of moussaka, be sure to share this article with them! Perhaps they are even considering a Greek exodus 🙂

Feel the excitement of a blend of ancient stories, sun-drenched beaches and unique cuisine in Antikythere. I know I can’t wait 🙂

So, are you eager to dive into the vibrant Greek lifestyle and enjoy its unique flavours?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And, if you have a friend with a soft spot for moussaka, pass this article on! They might be ready for their own Greek adventure 🙂

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