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Can You Sell iPhone Boxes? (Update Guides 2024)

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Can You Sell iPhone Boxes? If you’re like most people, you probably have a collection of unused iPhone boxes at home. Perhaps you’ve upgraded your phone and held onto the boxes simply because they’re well-designed and sturdy – a sentiment shared by many.

However, here’s an interesting revelation – you can actually make money from those iPhone boxes. Although they won’t fetch the same price as a brand new iPhone, the idea of earning a few dollars by selling empty boxes is interesting, don’t you think?

Believe it or not, there is a legitimate market for iPhone boxes. If you have some stored away from previous phone upgrades, there’s a possibility to turn them into cash. In this post, we will highlight all the essential details you need to know to make a profit from selling those surplus iPhone boxes.

Why Do People Buy Empty iPhone Boxes?

Buying an empty iPhone box may seem unconventional to some, yet there are several solid reasons why one might consider doing so. Explore some popular objectives:


For people who want to sell their iPhone, it is common for the original box to be lost or damaged, hindering the ability to present the complete package. However, many potential buyers value more a phone that comes with its original packaging included. wondering why? The presence of the box creates the impression of careful ownership, indicating that the phone is in excellent condition.


Some people take pride in collecting collections of Apple gadgets and related accessories. Keeping authentic packaging can greatly increase the value of their collection. Apple’s reputation for delivering products in sophisticated and minimalist packaging makes displaying an empty iPhone box tempting. For collectors, integrating the box as a prop in your photos or videos adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the overall collection seems more comprehensive and satisfying when it comes with the original box.


Sadly, there are people who try to deceive others by marketing empty iPhone boxes, giving them the false impression that they have an authentic phone. Although this phenomenon does not happen frequently, it does happen occasionally.

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Where to Sell iPhone Boxes

If you have an unused iPhone box and want to Sell iPhone Boxes, your optimal choice is eBay or Mercari.

If you don’t have a Mercury account yet, use this link to sign up and get a $10 credit instantly. Plus, when your sales reach $100 on Mercari, you can enjoy an additional $50 credit!

Between the two platforms, I highly recommend Mercury for a few compelling reasons. First, based on my extensive research for this article, it appears that iPhone boxes command a slightly higher price on Mercury, providing a better return.

By signing up for Mercari through this link, you can unlock a $50 credit after achieving the first $100 in sales. Imagine earning $5-$15 for your iPhone box, and then using the opportunity to collect other unused Apple boxes and items from around your home. Not only do you earn some extra cash, but you also earn an additional $50 credit to enjoy on your favorite Mercury products.

Converting unused items into money is essentially a rewarding experience!

How much can I sell an empty iPhone box for?

If you find yourself with an unused iPhone box, you may be considering its potential resale value. The answer is positive – indeed, you can sell an iPhone box, and the potential earnings depend on factors such as its model, condition, and whether it includes any accessories.

sell iphone boxes

It is important to note that the value of an empty iPhone box is affected by a variety of elements. For example, AppleInsider reports that an original first-generation iPhone box, if still sealed and in pristine condition, can be worth an impressive $30,000. However, it is necessary to temper expectations, as most iPhone boxes will not reach such staggering figures.

On average, the market value of empty iPhone boxes usually ranges from $5 to $50. This variation is dependent on factors such as the specific model and its overall condition. To provide a concrete perspective, here are some examples of recently sold listings for empty iPhone boxes, which provide information about potential returns.

But to find out how much your box could sell for, I highly recommend that you search the sold listings for your model iPhone box to get an idea of how much you’ll be able to make.

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Tips for Selling Empty iPhone Boxes

If you’re ready to Sell iPhone Boxes, here are some tips to help!

Take Good Photos

When photographing iPhone boxes, be sure to capture high-quality and well-lit photos from different perspectives, including shots of the interior. Clearly display any imperfections or damage in images, providing a transparent depiction of the product to potential buyers. If you have the initial plastic wrap or sticker that came with the box, be sure to include the corresponding photo.

Make Your Listing Clear

When creating your product listing, ensure transparency regarding the items offered. Clearly indicate that you are offering an empty iPhone box, clearly state that it does not include the iPhone. Specify the iPhone model originally associated with the box. Be honest in describing the condition of the box, highlighting any possible flaws or damage it may have.

Figure Out How to Ship It

Before you decide to list your unused iPhone box for sale, it’s important to determine the most cost-effective shipping method. Choosing USPS First Class is consistently the most economical option for packages weighing less than 1 pound.

Choose a lightweight box to keep it safe during transit or use bubble wrap before placing it in an envelope for added protection. Be sure to weigh it accurately so you can apply the correct shipping charges when selling on platforms like eBay or Mercari.

Although I wouldn’t promise a substantial profit from selling old boxes, your empty iPhone box may still net you a few extra dollars – certainly more than you started with.

In fact, my resale journey started with zero upfront costs, by simply organizing items around the house. If you’re considering starting out with your iPhone box, this can serve as an excellent introduction to a new side hustle, potentially earning you a few hundred dollars per month.

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