RebatesMe Review - Earn Cash Back & $30 Sign-Up Bonus

RebatesMe Review: Earn Cash Back & $30 Sign-Up Bonus (2024)

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RebatesMe Review – Earn Cash back. In the realm of cashback and rewards platforms, the abundance of options may make you question the value of investing your time in RebatesMe.

Amidst the sea of options, some of the more widely recognized platforms may promise better rewards. This comprehensive RebatesMe review aims to guide you through this uncertainty.

Understanding the essence of the platform, understanding its functionality and evaluating its earning capabilities compared to competitors will be important aspects of our exploration.

RebatesMe Review Overview

Founded in 2013 by former PayPal employee Daniel Dai, RebatesMe has quickly risen to prominence as a leading cash back platform for savvy online shoppers. Similar to Rakuten and other cashback apps, RebatesMe acts as a shopping portal that rewards users generously for their online purchases.

RebatesMe Website Review

With over 3000 featured retailers, RebatesMe offers plenty of opportunities to earn cash back on eligible purchases. The platform operates by receiving referral fees from partnered businesses and in return, shares a portion of these earnings with users in the form of cash back.

RebatesMe stands out with its diverse range of popular cash back categories, which cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re shopping for clothing, electronics, jewelry, food, pet supplies, sporting equipment, or planning your next travel adventure, RebatesMe makes sure you can enjoy cashback benefits in a variety of areas.

Embrace the simplicity and convenience of earning cashback through RebatesMe, where Daniel Dai’s vision has turned it into a trusted platform that matches online shoppers looking for financial rewards for their purchases.

RebatesMe Signup Bonus

New registrants have the opportunity to secure a $5 welcome bonus by completing a qualifying purchase. This purchase must earn at least $10 cash back within the initial year of membership.

RebatesMe Referral Bonus

RebatesMe presents you with an attractive $10 referral bonus. To unlock this reward, your referral needs to employ your special referral code, sign up on the platform, and complete an eligible purchase that earns at least $10 cashback. Once completed, the commission will appear seamlessly in your RebatesMe account balance.

Make sure your referrals use your unique code during registration and make a purchase that earns at least $10 cashback to trigger a credit of the commission to your RebatesMe account balance.

RebatesMe Chrome Extension

If you are fond of online shopping, the RebatesMe Chrome extension comes out as an excellent option for you. As RebatesMe claims, this extension known as “Cash Back Button” not only keeps track of your online shopping but also offers the possibility of up to 55% cash back from its wide network of over 3,000 partner stores.

It’s worth highlighting that getting the full 55% cashback is a bit unusual, as many retailers typically offer lower cashback percentages.

Experience seamless online shopping with the RebatesMe Chrome extension, also known as the “Cash Back Button.” This tool not only tracks your virtual purchases but also has the ability to give you up to 55% cashback from a huge range of over 3,000 partner stores, as claimed by RebatesMe.

It’s important to keep in mind that getting the maximum 55% cash back can be rare, given that most merchants offer cash back at lower rates.

Enhance your online shopping experience with the RebatesMe Chrome extension, also affectionately known as the “Cash Back Button.” This nifty tool not only keeps track of your digital purchases but also offers the opportunity to get up to 55% cashback from its wide network of over 3,000 partner stores, as claimed by RebatesMe.

It’s worth noting that earning the full 55% cash back is a relatively rare occurrence, as many retailers typically offer cash back at lower rates.

RebatesMe Mobile App

RebatesMe Mobile App

RebatesMe offers an app for both Android and Apple devices. Download the app to start your shopping session in advance or on the go.

How Much Can You Earn?

To facilitate a comprehensive comparison between RebatesMe and other platforms, we examined the cashback rates offered by several popular retailers.

These data were collected in January 2024 and reflect the same merchants featured in our previous assessment of cash-back portals.

Best BuyUp to 2%Up to 1%2%2%
Macy’sUp to 8.5%6%Up to 3%10%
NikeUp to 12%6%6%8%

It’s notable that RebatesMe consistently offered the highest cashback rate or shared the top spot for four out of five retailers in our sample. This represents a significant improvement from our previous assessment six months ago when the site achieved the leading rate for only one merchant on the list.

Number Of Merchants on RebatesMe

Another way to compare these popular cashback sites is through the number of retailers they offer. 

RebatesMe has a solid stable of partnered merchants.

Number of Stores4,000+3,500+2,800+4,400+

Time To Credit And Getting Paid

The cashback you earn through RebatesMe typically shows up in your account within seven days. Compared to other platforms like Rakuten, Swagbucks and TopCashback, RebatesMe stands out for its quick payouts with a processing time of only 7 days.

Unlike many competitors, RebatesMe has a minimum cash-out amount of $10. However, it is important to note that this minimum does not apply to your first withdrawal, making it more flexible for new members who can cash out any amount.

Members enjoy a range of payment methods, including paper checks, gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, PayPal, and Alipay – a Chinese payment processor similar to PayPal.

If you opt for paper checks, keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000, and checks are mailed to your account name and address. It may take up to a month for them to arrive. Withdrawals from prepaid Visa cards have a maximum limit of $1,500 and may take up to a week. PayPal transfers, on the other hand, are faster, completing within 48 hours. For those who prefer digital gift cards, they will be emailed to your registered address.

In short, RebatesMe offers a streamlined and efficient cashback experience, offering a variety of payment options tailored to meet the preferences of its diverse user base.

RebatesMe $30 Sign Up Bonus

Before enrolling with RebatesMe, it is important to become familiar with the attractive RebatesMe $30 sign-up bonus.

Unlocking this bonus is very easy – $30 instant is waiting for you through the Refer a Friend program. Simply enter the referral code or click on the link below.

Ensure a smooth experience by taking advantage of the RebatesMe $30 sign-up bonus. With a quick entry of the referral code or a quick click on the link, you’ll be able to enjoy an instant $30 discount courtesy of the Refer a Friend program. Take advantage of this opportunity by acting quickly.

Remember, signing up for RebatesMe not only opens the door to incredible savings but also gives you exclusive access to a generous $30 sign-up bonus. Don’t miss out – enter the referral code or click the link below to claim your instant $30 reward through the Refer a Friend program.

Start your savings journey with RebatesMe today, and let the $30 sign-up bonus improve your shopping experience. Enter the referral code or use the link provided, and instantly up your savings game.

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RebatesMe Alternatives

Many cashback applications and services deserve your attention. Explore alternatives to RebatesMe and assess how they stack up against it.

RebatesMe vs Rakuten

Rakuten stands as a widely recognized cash back platform, formerly known as Ebates. Whether you are shopping online or in physical stores, this platform lets you earn cashback.

Due to its substantial size, Rakuten boasts a wide range of retailer options. Notably, its redemption minimum is set at $5.01, which is lower than RebatesMe.

Upon signing up with Rakuten, users can enjoy a sign-up bonus ranging from $10 to $30 if they complete their initial purchase through the platform.

RebatesMe vs Drop App

Drop App has secured its place as a preferred platform for cash rewards for users on both Android and iOS devices. Joining surveys provides an opportunity to earn additional cash back. However, it’s worth noting that the range of redemption options is somewhat limited, and the minimum redemption threshold is $25.

RebatesMe vs TopCashback

Let’s take a deeper dive into the final cash back application on our list, TopCashback.

An important advantage of this cash back service is the absence of minimum redemption, a feature that sets it apart. However, it is important to note that cash rewards are available exclusively for online purchases.

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RebatesMe Review -Summary

Opting for a cash-back platform turns out to be an excellent strategy to unlock complimentary funds. While RebatesMe stands out as a legitimate cash-back rewards platform, it offers varying cash-back rates, making it a hit-or-miss experience. Unlike more widely recognized platforms, which generally offer more consistent rewards, RibetsMe has not achieved the same level of reputation and member engagement.

Notably, the platform maintains a somewhat contentious relationship with its users. Beyond the less-than-assuring cashback “guarantee” mentioned earlier, the site’s terms and conditions offer an interesting provision. Users who have been inactive in earning cashback for more than 12 months may face a $4.99 monthly fee, which will be deducted from their account balance.

This is called a “maintenance fee”, it apparently covers the regular costs associated with account maintenance. This $4.99 fee continues until you reactivate your account by earning more cashback or until your balance reaches zero.

Given the $10 minimum withdrawal limit, this is likely not to be reached within the 12 month time frame, especially for those who do not regularly shop online. In such cases, any earnings may be absorbed by fees.

With these factors in mind, and compared to platforms like Rakuten, Swagbucks, and TopCashback, which generally offer better rates, it may be wise to avoid choosing RebatesMe at this time.

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