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Top Money Making Apps to Get Money in 2024

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We’ve tested the top money making apps to find the ones that are legit and worth your time, ranking them based on their earning potential, ease of use, user ratings, and company reputation.

These apps for money making are easy to use on your mobile device to pick up a side gig, take online surveys, sell stuff you no longer use, lower your bills, and more. The good money making apps let you sign up for free, get paid quickly, and set your own hours.

Top Money Making Apps List

To create this list, we extensively tested and analyzed top money making apps which are the games to win real money, top survey apps, and best cash-back apps. While these apps will not replace your income, they’re an effective way to earn free gift cards or rewards to transfer to a bank or PayPal account.

1. Swagbucks

Members of the cash rewards website and app Swagbucks get compensated for doing online chores, playing games, completing surveys, and more!

After registering for free, you can complete easy tasks to accrue Swagbucks points. With PayPal or a cheque in the mail, you may exchange your Swagbucks points for gift cards or real, cold cash.

The simplest method to accrue these points is to perform your regular web browsing using the Swagbucks search engine. You’ll score points in this manner without giving it a second thought.

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2. Survey Junkie

With over 10 million users, strong user reviews, an “Excellent” Trustpilot score, and a modest $5 cash-out requirement, Survey Junkie is a leading market research organization. It distinguishes itself with a vast collection of surveys that offer a variety of earning options.

Despite the lack of a sign-up incentive, new users can swiftly meet the $5 minimum payout by completing valuable tasks like watching a film and completing profile surveys.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 points, which can be redeemed for gift cards or a $5 deposit to your PayPal account.

3. Branded Surveys

My personal choice for the greatest survey website overall is Branded Surveys. Points are awarded for completing surveys and completing activities such as inviting friends to use the platform.

You will be asked for demographic information upon registration to ascertain which surveys would be most appropriate for you. The site then delivers qualified surveys straight to your email.

Your Branded Surveys points can be exchanged for direct deposits, gift cards to well-known stores, or charitable donations once you reach 500 points, or $5.

Although you shouldn’t give up your day job to participate in online surveys, Branded Surveys can be a simple way to get extra money on the side with little work.

4. HeyPiggy

HeyPiggy is an open survey platform that makes money-making enjoyable. You may register for free, answer questions for big businesses like Netflix and Amazon, and make money during your free time.

With parental permission, users as young as 14 can register, and before accepting a survey, all users can see how much they’ll earn to make sure it’s the best decision for them.

They have thousands of surveys available every day, and you can pay out with as little as $1 in earnings. Compared to other survey sites, the screeners are shorter and feature fewer disqualifications, but you should still expect some. Your winnings can be redeemed for cash or gift cards to more than 150 retailers.

5. Rakuten

A highly regarded app, Rakuten provides up to 40% cashback at over 3,500 affiliated retailers. Just use the app to find the retailer, click the link, and proceed with your regular shopping.

Before checking out, link your card and activate cash-back offers for in-store purchases.

$5 is the minimum withdrawal amount; however, payments are not made instantly. Every three months, your cash-back will be automatically sent into your account in the form of American Express rewards points, PayPal, or paper checks.

6. Mistplay

Mistplay is a free gaming software that gives you points for using your Android smartphone to play games (an iOS version is in progress). It’s marketed as “the loyalty program for gamers.”

You will occasionally need to give Mistplay input regarding the game itself. In other situations, you have to accomplish specific in-game objectives (such as leveling up).

You can exchange your points for gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and the Nintendo store, among other big-name retailers.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,500 points, or about $5.

7. DoorDash

Another website that utilizes your automobile and free time is DoorDash. Doordash, a well-known rival of Uber Eats, leads the food delivery app industry.

You may order food delivery from the chain and small restaurants, as well as certain supermarkets and markets, using DoorDash.

Every order with DoorDash has a minimum base payment amount that ranges from $2 to $10, depending on variables like distance and time.

You can view the base pay amount before accepting an order; this amount may go up during peak hours or if you earn Challenge bonuses through the app. Also, all of your tips are yours to keep.

Since Doordash recently bought Caviar, if you live in an area where Caviar operates, you can also accept orders using the Doordash app.

8. Field Agent

With the help of the app Field Agent, you may get paid to perform errands around your neighborhood, such as snapping images of products to ensure they are presented correctly and participating in mystery shopping assignments to assess the quality of customer care provided by retailers. It is comparable to mystery shopping in that regard (which might be a legitimate side gig).

Because you are only compensated for each activity completed, this free software is ideal for people living in cities. Living close to a large concentration of participating firms will increase your net earnings because you have to account for travel time and expenses.

PayPal withdrawal minimum: $10.

9. Bookscouter

Bookscouter is a well-liked free app for book enthusiasts that lets you sell old books.

The way Bookscouter operates is that you input or scan the ISBN number of a book to get a list of buyers (along with their asking price) for that particular title.

The wealthiest people utilize the app immediately to choose the books that will yield the largest profit margins since they know where to find cheap used books (garage sales, library book sales, etc.).

10. Foap

With the help of the smartphone software Foap, you may sell the photos you take with your device and earn money. The benefit is that a single photo can sell several times, allowing you to create a passive income stream.

The best way to earn is through “missions,” wherein Foap collaborates with a particular brand to showcase typical consumer uses for their product.

Minimum withdrawal: Foap pays you once a month via PayPal; there is no minimum.

11. Public

One of our top applications for buying individual stock shares is Public.

The main characteristic of Public is its simplicity: it provides a highly clear and easy-to-use interface while eschewing more complex features—like futures and options trading—that aren’t essential for novice investors.

Additionally, they provide a substantial sign-up bonus that entitles you to free shares valued up to $300 just for creating an account and doesn’t require a payment.

12. Arrived

With a $100 minimum investment, Arrived, supported by Jeff Bezos, offers a platform for buying vacation and single-family rental properties.

As opposed to conventional approaches, Arrived oversees the properties, enabling investors to receive quarterly dividends from net revenue free from the typical headaches associated with land lording. The platform focuses solely on single-family houses, using a methodical process to choose properties in profitable regions to maximize rental revenue and asset appreciation.

Arrived is a very new company with a short track record, but its unique approach, lower entry barrier, and possibility for passive income make it a compelling choice for real estate investors wishing to diversify their holdings.

13. Turo

Through the car-sharing software Turo, you can hire out your car and make money.

You may list your car for rent on the app and choose your own price, just as with Airbnb. When a renter is located, they will get in touch with you to schedule a time to pick up the vehicle.

As an alternative, a lot of Turo hosts provide renters with remote lock technology so they can access the vehicle without physically meeting. You might theoretically get passive income because the app completes the transaction.

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Top Money Making Apps: Final Thoughts

Ensuring that each app on this list is genuine and valuable was our first concern when putting it together. Numerous additional top money making apps are available, and although some of them serve a purpose for certain users, others only gather your data and occupy your time without offering any genuine opportunity to withdraw your profits.

In light of your circumstances, they might or might not be worthwhile investigating. However, this is the best of the best list.

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