Best Ways To Get Paid To Do Nothing

15 Best Ways To Get Paid To Do Nothing in 2024

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Want to learn how to get paid to do nothing? Imagine earning money whether you’re merely lounging, resting, or standing in the queue without having to put in a lot of work. It’s common knowledge that earning money for doing nothing is ideal, and it’s probably what you’ve always wanted.

Although it might sound too good to be true, there are legitimate ways to monetize your spare time and existing assets with little continuous effort.

Actually, I do quite a few of the things on this list regularly to earn money doing nothing at all.

Now, some of the best ways listed below might require some initial work or ongoing upkeep. However, you might be able to make money with no work on your part as you sleep or relax at the beach.

Best Ways To Get Paid To Do Nothing in 2024

Would you like to work while you relaxing? You don’t need a 9 to 5 job to make money. Let’s examine a few methods for earning money and doing nothing at all.

Here are some best ways out of the list below that you may be interested in:

Online printables for sale: These can be created once and sold indefinitely. Visit How I Make Money Selling Printables On Etsy to find out more.

  • Just sit motionless and pretend to be an art model! It’s that easy! Models are paid about $25 per hour by art colleges.
  • Real estate: Real estate funds are available for purchase. You don’t have to manage properties, and your money might work for you.
  • Participate in online surveys. The questions are really simple, and you may answer them whenever you have free time. Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie are some of the best websites for online surveys.
  • Rent your belongings: You have items that someone else might find useful for a few days. Consider renting out items such as your RV, baby gear, storage room, and more.

Learn more about the different best ways to get paid to do nothing in 2024 below.

1. Get paid to stand in line

If you don’t mind waiting, you can earn money by standing in line for other people who don’t like waiting in line. Some companies and individuals pay for this service, especially when they’re busy or want to attend popular events without waiting.

Here’s how it works: You take someone else’s spot in line, like waiting for tickets or securing a spot at a busy restaurant. You do the waiting for them so they don’t have to.

Just standing in a line might earn you between $25 and $35 per hour. The precise amount is determined by the need for line sitters in your area.

Start by looking for websites like Taskrabbit, Same Ole Line Dudes, and InLine4You that connect line sitters with clients. Sign up for the sites, list your services, and bide your time until someone contacts you to hire you.

2. Sign up for a rewards credit card

Making money without putting forth a lot of effort can sound wonderful. Obtaining a rewards credit card is one way to accomplish this. With this type of card, you can earn points or cash back on purchases that you would have made otherwise.

You may be eligible for a sizable sign-up bonus when you apply for a new card. Certain cards provide you bonus points as a welcome gift—50,000 or even more! But typically, you have to spend a particular amount of money upfront (like $4,000 within the first three months).

Here is a table with the different types of rewards you might get:

Reward TypeWhat You Get
PointsUse for travel and gift cards.
Cash BackMoney back on your purchases.
Mile RewardsMiles to fly on planes for free airfare.

Every time I use one of my rewards credit cards—for example, to pay a bill or buy groceries—I receive points. I have a handful of these cards. In fact, I recently applied for a new rewards credit card this week, with a fantastic $800 signup bonus.

My two personal favorites among rewards credit cards are:

3. Dividend-paying stocks

Investing in dividend-paying stocks is one of the finest ways to generate income while you don’t have a job.

Purchasing dividend-paying stocks entails acquiring a stake in an organization that will consistently provide you with financial gains. Consider it as a little token of appreciation for hanging onto the company’s stock. These disbursements, known as dividends, typically originate from the business’s profits.

This is how it operates. When you purchase dividend-paying stocks, the corporation will periodically send you money—typically every three months. It’s a method of making money after your initial investment without having to perform much work.

Now, a table to show you what to look for:

Dividend YieldHow much you earn compared to the stock price
Payout RatioThe part of profits used for dividends
Ex-Dividend DateThe day when you must own the stock to get paid

Remember that not every dividend stock is created equal. If the business is struggling, some could lose value and payments would cease. Thus, it’s critical to make an informed decision, and you may wish to consult with an expert in stocks for advice.

I really adore receiving dividends. It’s quite simple and feels like receiving a gift for saving for retirement.

4. Share your opinions

By participating in paid market research projects, you can make money during your extra time. Remember that while it won’t replace a full-time job (you’ll often only get paid $1 to $3 per survey), you could be able to supplement your income.

I completed internet surveys virtually daily while I paid off my college loans. I completed them in the morning, at lunch, or after work. One of the things I enjoy about taking online surveys is that I can do them at any time of day, for example, while having lunch or watching TV.

Some of the survey companies I recommend include:

  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • Branded Surveys
  • Pinecone Research
  • PrizeRebel

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5. Sell printables

Selling printables online is a good way to make money while doing almost nothing on the internet. Printables are files, such as worksheets, planners, flashcards, and invites, that you create once and then sell repeatedly.

Sure, you’ll need to create the printables and set up shop, but eventually you’ll be able to recoup your investment from the same printables.

This is so because digital products known as printables are sold using only basic downloaded files.

6. High-yield savings accounts

You want your savings account balance to increase when you deposit money into it. Similar to a standard savings account, but with an additional boost to help your money grow more quickly, are high-yield savings accounts.

What the bank pays you is known as the interest rate, or annual percentage yield (APY). You earn more money the higher the APY. Positive updates! A few of these accounts have APYs that are significantly greater than average more than 5%! Comparing that to the typical savings account, it is far superior.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is what I personally use, and their interest rate is really high. As of this writing, you can receive a bonus through my referral link of up to 5.50%. Thus, with a high-yield savings account, you may make $550 a year at this rate if you have $10,000 saved. Your earnings with a regular bank would only be $46.

I know you’re wondering, “What’s the catch?” Now, the majority of these accounts are held by internet banks. It’s only that you won’t be able to visit a bank branch. That’s all. Additionally, they usually don’t provide checks or bill payments they’re just a place to keep your money and get much more in interest.

7. Rent out your extra storage space

You can earn money by renting out any extra space you may have at your residence.

Consider leasing portions of your house, such as a garage, your driveway or parking area, or an empty wardrobe. You can offer these areas for someone to store their goods (cars, couches, boxes, and more) on websites like Neighbour.

Comparable to Airbnb for storage space is Neighbour. You’re renting out your storage space to keep other people’s possessions instead of hosting guests.

8. Invest in REITs

Purchasing a small portion of numerous properties without having to deal with management is what it means to invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Companies known as REITs own a large number of real estate properties, which they rent out for revenue. Consider retail centers, residential buildings, and workplaces.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a REIT – Look for REITs with good histories, like those experts trust.
  2. Invest Your Money – You can start with a small amount of money.
  3. Earn Money – REITs make cash from their buildings. They share this cash with you through dividends.

9. House sitting

House sitting is the ideal dream job for some people. After all, you might be able to view residences all around the world in idyllic locales!

Taking care of someone’s home while they are gone is known as house sitting. It’s a low-effort method of making money. Staying at the house, keeping an eye on everything, getting the mail, and occasionally taking care of the dogs and plants are all part of your duties. Many times, people only want their houses to appear occupied to deter potential burglars.

Websites such as TrustedHousesitters and Care offer house-sitting employment. These kinds of jobs can also be found through dog walking services, like Rover.

10. Sell stock photos

One effective technique to generate passive income without working for it is by selling stock photographs.

You upload images that you’ve taken with your phone or camera to a website such as Depositphotos. You receive a commission when someone purchases one of your images.

Businesses, blogs, and websites use stock pictures for a variety of purposes. Since they might not have the time to take pictures of everything they need, businesses employ them to enhance their content, websites, or overall appeal.

I know a tonne of others who also utilize stock photographs in their blog postings, in addition to myself. You can see how helpful stock photographs are to website owners because they are used in every article.

Stock photography includes pictures of things like:

  • Travel, landscapes, and outdoor scenes
  • Stock photography includes pictures of things like:
  • Travel, landscapes, and outdoor scenes
  • Business settings like laptops, offices, and people working
  • Vehicles like cars and boats
  • Family moments, including parents and children
  • Household items, such as living areas and kitchens
  • Animals, including pets and wildlife
  • Sports, from professional events to casual games
  • Business settings like laptops, offices, and people working
  • Family moments, including parents and children
  • Household items, such as living areas and kitchens
  • Vehicles like cars and boats
  • Sports, from professional events to casual games

11. Pose for art classes

Posing for art lessons could be fun if you can stand still for a while. Art students observe you while you posture and then sketch or paint your image. You can earn money doing nothing more than sitting or standing.

Art models typically make between $20 and $30 per hour. Usually, you’ll spend at least three hours there.

What will you do? You will hold a pose. A pose can be something like sitting in a chair, standing, or making an interesting shape with your body. These poses can last from six to twenty minutes. Don’t worry, you get breaks so you can stretch and rest.

Who can do this? You don’t have to look a certain way. Artists need all kinds of people to learn how to draw humans well. You just need to be okay with being looked at while you are posing.

Where to find these jobs? Check with local art schools, colleges, or community centers. They usually need new models. You can also look online for art model jobs in your area.

12. Get paid to work out

Indeed, you may earn money for exercising even if you’re just working out regularly!

By letting you place bets on your fitness objectives, apps like HealthyWage make maintaining a healthy lifestyle fun. You join others who share your aims, place a wager on yourself, and establish a weight loss target. You will receive money from the prize pool if you accomplish your goal first. It’s a friendly competition with the possibility of winning money.

13. Put an advertisement on your car

Consider converting your automobile into a moving billboard if you’re looking for a low-effort way to make additional money. Businesses will pay you to place their advertisements on your vehicle.

Join a vehicle wrap advertising firm like Wrapify or Carvertise to get started. They will apply a unique sticker, known as a car wrap, to your whole vehicle or to just areas of it. The more you drive and the areas you visit, the more money these firms are willing to pay you to display their adverts on your vehicle.

The manufacturer, model, and condition of your car are crucial factors to consider. They make decisions on the ads’ appearance and stickiness.

Your choice of ad wrap also affects how much money you make. The choices are as follows:

  • Full wrap
  • Partial wrap
  • Just the windows

Here’s what you might be able to earn:

Car Wrap TypePossible Earnings
Full Wrap$200 to $1000 per month
Partial Wrap$150 to $250 per month
Window Ads$100 to $250 per month

Keep in mind that the earnings can vary. It depends on factors like how frequently you drive and where your car is visible.

14. Become a notary

Becoming a notary could be a good option if you want to make money with little work. As a notary public, it is your responsibility to verify that the signers are who they claim to be and to act as a witness when people sign significant documents.

Yes, you are still employed, but all you are doing is observing others sign documents.

What notaries do:

  • Meet people who need papers signed.
  • Check their IDs to make sure they are who they say they are.
  • Watch them sign the document.
  • Use your notary stamp and write in your record book.

You can make anywhere from $9 to $21 per hour, but it depends on things like where you live and if you have to go to people or they come to you.

15. Become a notary

Consider becoming a notary if you’re looking for a low-effort way to get money. Being a witness at the signing of significant documents and verifying that the signers are who they claim to be are the duties of a notary.

Yes, you are still employed, but your employment consists only of witnessing others sign documents.

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How To Get Paid to Do Nothing – Summary

I sincerely hope you discovered one or more gigs that suit your needs and that you liked reading this post on how to be paid to do nothing!

As you can see, there are a lot of methods to get paid to accomplish very little to nothing at all.

High-yield savings accounts make it easy to expand your funds, and renting out additional space might earn you money. Investing in REITs or dividend-paying companies can consistently provide income for you without requiring your daily attention.

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