Pogo App Review – How Much is Your Data Worth

Pogo App Review (2024) – How Much is Your Data Worth?

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You can legitimately monetize your data and make money with the Pogo app. By sharing your digital footprint, scanning receipts, and making online purchases with this app, you can accrue points that you can exchange for cash.

To help you decide if the Pogo app is worthwhile to try, this article explains all you need to know about it, including how it operates and its benefits and drawbacks.

What is the Pogo App?

Pogo is a mobile-only rewards program that ensures you gain from your online activity just as corporations do by enabling you to make money off of your own data. In the US, it is presently utilized by more than 500,000 families, and its users have saved and earned millions of dollars.

You can download the Pogo app on iOS and Android smartphones. It is rated 4.6 stars in the Google Play Store and 4.9 stars in the App Store.

How to Make Money with Pogo?

The Pogo app gives you several different ways to earn points.

Share Your Location Data

You should first approve location sharing. When you do this, you’ll be able to move around the town and get location-based rewards.

Since I’m usually driving when these notifications buzz in my pocket, they can be a little annoying, but they usually have a value of 70 points ($0.07) each.

What stores participate? I’ve earned location rewards from:

  • Safeway
  • Costco
  • Fred Meyer, QFC, and other Kroger brands
  • Home Depot

For example, here’s what the Pogo notification looked like when I drove past Home Depot.

A quick advertisement for the store that is closest to you appears when you click on the notification, and the points are then added to your account.

Link Credit Cards

Adding your credit card(s) to Pogo is another simple method of earning points. Simply continue spending as usual, and Pogo will automatically pull in your transactions and award you with points.

Do you feel uneasy giving an app access to your bank account details? The good news is that Pogo uses Plaid, the industry standard for safely exchanging bank account information.

Following that, the app will display a feed of your purchases. Choose “claim” to add those extra points to your account by clicking the button next to each.

While not entirely passive, it can be completed quickly. Most purchases have a point value of two to twenty.

If you complete 30 transactions a month at an average value of 10 points each, you will receive an additional 300 points ($0.30) each month. Not much, but it can build up.

Link Your Email Inbox

If you allow Pogo to read all of your emails, they will give you 10 points every week. They specifically want your shopping receipts so they can offer you deals that will save you money.

However, that is probably not worth $0.52 a year.

In-App Offers

As Pogo learns more about you, the app will start to present you with semi-relevant offers to save money.

For example, Pogo suggests I:

  • Switch to credit cards with no annual fee
  • Get a lower rate on car insurance
  • Refinance my auto loan (I don’t have a car loan)
  • Consolidate my debt (I don’t have any, aside from the mortgage)

Even though you might not receive Pogo points for doing these things, it might still be worthwhile to look into them because you might end up saving much more money than you would have with Pogo points.

Online Boosts

When you use their unique referral links to shop online, Pogo gives users extra cash back. Depending on the store, this can be anywhere between 0.3% and 9.6% more.

  • Walmart
  • Groupon
  • Best Buy
  • Macy’s
  • Gamestop
  • Overstock
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Ace Hardware

In contrast, Rakuten works at thousands of stores.

This operates similarly to the well-known cash-back portal Rakuten, which divides affiliate commissions with users.

Walmart might pay Pogo 4% in this scenario for driving customers to their store. They will then give you 2.6% and retain 1.4% for themselves.

Only a few online retailers were accessible at the time of publication, including:

Paid Surveys

You can access the Paid Surveys option by swiping down on your Pogo home screen. You can easily add Pogo points to your account in your free time by doing this.

Fortunately, before you begin, the app estimates how long each task will take and how many points you’ll receive.

They can differ greatly, so keep an eye out for the ones with the best reward-to-time-required ratio.

For example, in my app, I see options to earn:

  • 6,500 points in 17 minutes — the equivalent of $22.94 an hour
  • 1,700 points in 5 minutes — $20.40 an hour
  • 2,100 points in 10 minutes — $12.60 an hour
  • 210 points in 4 minutes — $3.15 an hour

You’ll have to answer a few short screener questions before the paid portion of the survey starts. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for any $20+/hour ones I tried.

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Refer Friends

Once your friend links their card and accrues at least 3,000 points, referral bonuses are deposited.

250 points ($0.25) can be earned for each friend you recommend to the Pogo app. (When they register, they’ll also receive a 250-point bonus.)

How To Redeem Rewards on Pogo?

As soon as you reach $3 in points, you can use PayPal or Venmo to exchange your Pogo rewards for cash, or you can use them to purchase gift cards. Compared to many other survey websites, this application has a low cash-out threshold, so you can start enjoying your rewards right away.

Pros and Cons of Pogo


  • There are multiple earning opportunities. 
  • This platform lets you earn passively.
  • You can redeem your rewards as real cash via PayPal or Venmo. 


  • Compared to many other get-paid-to platforms, this app pays less.
  • Earning by letting others exploit your data isn’t the most ethical way to earn money online.  

Is the Pogo App Legit?

Indeed, the Pogo app is a fully functional rewards system. Prominent figures such as former Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg and CPO of Adobe Scott Belsky support and fund it, demonstrating the legitimacy of this platform.

How Does Pogo Make Money?

You may be wondering how Pogo makes money since it pays you in so many different ways. You can be sure that this business is for profit!

Pogo has at least three distinct revenue streams:

  1. Data Brokering — Pogo sells your “anonymized, aggregated data” to other companies.
  2. Advertising Relationships — Pogo partners with retailers to serve relevant, targeted ads when you’re nearby.
  3. Affiliate Partnerships — Pogo earns commissions when you switch to one of their recommended insurance or banking providers.


One reliable way to get paid is through the Pogo app, which can help you make a few bucks every day. Even though this daily income isn’t much, I think that little amounts can build up over time. For those who want to augment their income from the comforts of home, the Pogo app is definitely something to think about.

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