Rakuten Cash Back Review - Is Rakuten Worth It

Rakuten Cash Back Review: Is Rakuten Worth It in 2024? ($30 Bonus)

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Rakuten Cash Back Review: Is Rakuten Worth It in 2024? ($30 Bonus) – Are you an avid online or in-store shopper who enjoys the benefits of using cash back tools and apps during their shopping?

If you want to optimize your cashback benefits then look no further than Rakuten. With its range of cashback opportunities and options, you can easily deposit extra funds.

As a member, you have the ability to secure up to a remarkable 40% cashback on your purchases, whether made through the Rakuten website or by activating the convenient cash-back button.

Learn ahead to learn all the ins and outs of leveraging Rakuten Cash Back to earn extra income and determine if this app proves to be a valuable addition to your money-saving arsenal.

What is Rakuten Cash Back?

Rakuten stands as a leading online platform that improves your shopping experience by offering cashback rewards across a vast range of online and in-store purchases spanning over 2,500 reputable stores.

Rakuten Cach Back Website

Beyond the allure of cash back, Rakuten seamlessly assists its members in uncovering and applying active promo codes, seamlessly increasing the savings on their transactions.

The roots of this reputable company date back to 1997 when it started as a Japanese e-commerce site. Fast forward to 2014, Rakuten acquired Ebates, a leading cashback and rebate online platform, retaining the Ebates name until 2019. Today, Rakuten reigns as a leader in the field of online shopping portals and cashback sites.

With a remarkable average of 544.3 million monthly visits, Rakuten claims second place behind Amazon, which claims 555.8 million visits. Holding the distinction of being the largest savings program in the US, Rakuten has generously distributed over $2 billion in cash back to its vast community of over 15 million members.

Rakuten expands its cashback opportunities through a variety of channels, including a user-friendly cash back button, a seamlessly integrated browser extension, and a dedicated app. Noteworthy is the fact that all these benefits are available free of cost, ensuring accessibility and transparency without any hidden charges.

Among the plethora of Rakuten-affiliated stores, you’ll find retail giants like Best Buy, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Priceline, and Target, offering a wide range of options for savvy shoppers seeking both quality and savings.

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How Rakuten Cash Back Works

Rakuten earns commission from retailers when you make purchases. Retailers compensate Rakuten for driving shoppers to their stores. In return, Rakuten generously shares this commission with its members through attractive cashback rewards.

How it works

Rakuten warmly welcomes individuals aged 18 and older living in the US and Canada. To become a member, simply sign up using your email address, or easily link your Facebook or Google account.

Upon registration, you will receive a special $10 Rakuten Cash bonus, especially enjoyable after your initial $25 spend. Additionally, enjoy the chance to receive a $10 Walmart gift card.

Start your cashback journey by exploring the different stores on Rakuten.com. Click on the desired store link to start your shopping. When shopping for cashback, follow these intuitive steps:

  • Activate cash back.
  • Apply available coupons automatically.
  • Use Rakuten’s Price Magic feature to find the lowest prices.

To confirm your cashback earnings, click the Rakuten link, whether on Rakuten.com, via the cash back button, via email, or on the Rakuten app. A confirmation pop-up indicates activation of the cashback feature for the store you are viewing.

Rakuten has various avenues for earning cashback rewards:

  • Double Cash Back Store Offers – Find stores on Rakuten that temporarily double the cashback on your purchases.
  • Rakuten Cash Back Button – Activate cash back directly on store sites with this useful feature.
  • Rakuten Chrome Browser Extension – Install the Rakuten extension, pin it to your browser, and easily earn cashback while receiving money-saving coupons.
  • Rakuten App – Download the app tailored to your device for on-the-go shopping, exclusive deals and cashback rewards anytime, anywhere.
  • In-Store Cash Back – Link your favorite credit card for in-store purchases, allowing you to pay for items at the register.

Unlock additional bonuses and rewards with Rakuten in the following ways:

  • $30 Referral Sign-Up Bonus – Invite friends using your link and receive a $30 referral bonus for each friend who makes $30 worth of qualifying purchases within 90 days of joining.
  • Influencer Program – As a Rakuten Ambassador, enjoy rewards, flat fees for referrals, event invitations, and earn a $50 bonus after ten successful referrals.
  • American Express – If you’re an American Express cardholder joining Rakuten, earn 3,000 Membership

Rewards points by making qualifying purchases totaling $25 or more within 90 days of membership.
Rakuten offers countless opportunities to enhance your shopping experience while enjoying ample cashback and attractive bonuses.

How to Use and Redeem Rakuten Cash Back

Learn the secrets to maximizing your Rakuten cashback with these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Rakuten account and go to “Account Settings.” On the mobile app, go to “Choose how to get paid.”
  2. Enhance your experience by adding or updating your current mailing address.
  3. Stay in the loop by checking the status of your cashback through the “My Account” section.
  4. Once your cash-back total exceeds $5, you take over the reins – either direct Rakuten to deposit it to your PayPal account or opt for a classic paper check sent to your address.
  5. For amounts under $5, don’t bother! Your pending cash back is easily transferred to the next payment period.

If you suspect missing cashback on Rakuten, consider these possible reasons given by the company:

  • Failure to activate the cash back feature before making a purchase or placing items in the cart.
  • Accidentally switching to another tab or browser window instead of using the tab initially opened by Rakuten.
  • Using coupons obtained from external sites instead of Rakuten.
  • Exploring other websites during your shopping session.
  • Delay in reporting of order information from stores.
  • Purchasing items that are not eligible for cashback.

Elevate your Rakuten Cash Back experience by staying informed and making the most of these valuable tips.

How Long It Take To Get Rakuten Cash Back

Rakuten ensures that its members receive their deserved cashback through convenient payment methods every quarter. You have the flexibility to choose between two seamless options, either hassle-free PayPal deposits or a traditional paper check sent to your specified address. To find out the anticipated arrival of your cash-back rewards, simply log in to your account and review the upcoming payment date.

Choosing PayPal means Rakuten will rapidly transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account. Alternatively, with the “Big Fat Check” option, Rakuten can send you a paper check every three months following the schedule outlined.

For those with American Express cards enrolled in Membership Rewards, there is an attractive option to accumulate points instead of cash-back through Rakuten. By joining Rakuten and adjusting your account settings, you can seamlessly earn valuable Membership Rewards points.

Experience the convenience of Rakuten’s diverse payment options, ensuring a tailored and rewarding cash-back experience for all members.

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Rakuten Promo Code

Start a rewarding journey with Rakuten by using a valid referral link to create your account. Take advantage of the opportunity to claim a $30 bonus after your initial purchase of $30 or more. Activating this special offer is very easy – simply click on the referral link above to start your membership.

Once you’ve successfully signed up, visit the Refer-a-Friend page to invite your acquaintances. Effortlessly share your referral link via email, social media or text and watch the benefits unfold.

Here’s how it works: When a friend registers through your referral link and completes a qualifying purchase within 90 days of joining, you both earn a cool $30. It’s important to note that this referral sign-up bonus is reserved exclusively for new members, which adds an extra layer of excitement to your Rakuten experience.

Maximize your savings and enjoy the seamless process of earning cashback with Rakuten – sign up today via our referral link to start your journey to exclusive rewards!

Is Rakuten Legit?

Rakuten stands out as a reputable company, having recorded a remarkable history of distributing $2 billion cash back to its extensive membership base since 2009. In the year 2020 alone, Rakuten distributed an impressive average of $63.50 in cash back rewards.

With a network comprising of over 2,000 prestigious stores and brands, Rakuten has strategically partnered to provide attractive deals and promotions to enhance the shopping experience for users.

Earning a commendable average 4 stars on TrustPilot and recognition on Consumer Affairs, a platform that advocates for families, travelers and budget-conscious shoppers, Rakuten solidifies its position as a trusted and recommended tool in the cash back rewards space. Have continued.

This excellent track record, combined with its broad appeal among diverse consumer demographics, underlines Rakuten’s commitment to providing value and savings.

Is Rakuten Worth It?

Rakuten proves its worth by offering dual ways to save money. Firstly, it facilitates savings through cashback rewards on your purchases.

Secondly, Rakuten excels at finding optimal active promo codes for increased savings during your transactions.

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, Rakuten ensures a seamless and rewarding experience with instant cash back. Additionally, take advantage of referral bonuses, promo codes, and coupons to maximize your savings.

Experience the full range of benefits with Rakuten – from cashback rewards to exclusive promo codes, it seamlessly enhances your shopping efforts while ensuring substantial savings.


Wondering if Rakuten really rewards you with cash back?

In fact, Rakuten allows you to earn cash back from your purchases, an amount the company distributes every three months. You have the convenience of receiving this payment either as a deposit into your PayPal account or as a paper check.

Can multiple people in the same household take advantage of Rakuten?

It’s important to note that Rakuten’s referral program guidelines warn against multiple accounts sharing the same address, as this could potentially be flagged as fraudulent. Accounts with similar names and email addresses may also attract the company’s attention.

Is Rakuten affiliated with Amazon?

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon does not own Rakuten. Originating in Japan in 1997, Rakuten initially served as a modest online shopping platform for the Japanese market. Growing into one of the largest e-commerce sites, Rakuten is now often called the Amazon of Japan.

Concerned about monthly fees with Rakuten?

Fear not, as Rakuten is completely free for users, with no fees charged to its members to use the service. Both its apps and browser extensions can be downloaded for free without any hidden costs. Additionally, Rakuten does not deduct any percentage from its members’ cash-back earnings.

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