KashKick Reviews - I Tried It And Here’s The Truth

KashKick Reviews: I Tried It And Here’s The Truth (2024 Legit Or Scam?)

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Are you looking for a new initiative to increase your income while sitting at home? Enter KashKick, a platform that rewards you for participating in online surveys and engaging in various offers.

During our evaluation, we found that survey payouts amounted to only $0.90 per hour, which was below the standard set by other survey platforms we tested. Despite this, KashKick offers unique avenues of earning through offers and games, potentially making it a valuable option for niche users.

In this comprehensive KashKik review, we will learn about the workings of the platform in detail, exploring the diverse earning opportunities it offers. We will provide you with in-depth information from our testing to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to register.

What is KashKick?

KashKik presents a versatile platform that enables you to easily generate income by joining surveys, discovering attractive offers, and diving into entertaining games. While surveys typically yield earnings of less than $1 per hour, offers come out with attractive payouts for activities like enrolling in product trials, downloading apps, and making online purchases through the platform’s cash-back portal.

Kashkick website

The range of KashKick games comes with a variety of options, ranging from cost-free experiences to competitive challenges. In the free-to-play gaming realm, you can earn rewards by achieving milestones such as achieving specific levels or completing specified tasks within the game. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, competitive games include cash tournaments requiring entry fees, where your prizes depend on your performance skills.

In short, KashKick emerges as an exceptional platform to monetize your engagement with gaming apps and attractive offers. However, it’s important to note that participating in surveys may result in modest income, and some games may require in-app purchases to reach important milestones.

Key Facts About KashKick

KashKick categorizes opportunities into three categories: surveys, games, or offers. Offers include various tasks such as signing up for a product trial or making online purchases through the platform’s cash-back portal. The platform includes a range of games, including free-to-play options and others that involve deposits for entry into cash tournaments.

In our extensive testing phase, we uncovered payout offers ranging from $0.50 to $300. The compensation for completing a proposal is not always commensurate with the complexity of the task or the time invested.

Surveys on Kashkik each received payments between $0.14 and $2.63. The durations of the surveys varied, ranging from four minutes (the lowest Qashqik-provided estimate) to 61 minutes (our longest survey duration) to complete.

To cash out, you need to deposit at least $10, which is a standard requirement compared to other reward sites. After 60 days, accounts are considered inactive, due to which the earnings on these accounts are confiscated.

In the following sections, we present an overview of how closely each survey period matches Kashkik’s estimates, as well as the corresponding payouts. Additionally, we’ll also look at our overall testing experience.

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KashKick Surveys

KashKick’s survey section is frustrating to use for two main reasons. 

1. The Disqualification Rate Is Unusually High

When you start a survey on KashKik, you’ll face a series of screening questions. These questions play an important role in determining whether you align with the specific demographic and profile criteria for that particular study.

While this screening process is standard on all survey sites, KashKik differentiates itself by excelling at pre-screening users and suggesting surveys tailored to your profile. This proactive approach not only enhances the user experience but also maximizes earning potential by reducing time spent on irrelevant surveys.

During my extensive testing, which ran from January 2022 to December 2023, I spent about one-third of the time invested on failed surveys. Unfortunately, these efforts resulted in minimal or no compensation.

It is worth noting that during the initial testing phase in January 2022, Kashkik faced challenges with a slow redirect process. Upon failing to qualify for one survey, the site attempted to redirect me to another, which sometimes took up to 12 minutes. However, it seems that this delay has since been addressed by Qashqai.

In my recent testing, Kashkik offered two options on disqualification. Users can either opt for a new survey recommended by KashKick or revisit the original list and choose a different survey. Although this enhancement significantly improved the overall testing experience and reduced the time spent on failed surveys, automatic disqualification from most attempted surveys remained.

It’s clear that KashKik has made progress in improving its user experience, especially with the redirect process and disqualification options. However, the challenge of automatic disqualification remains a notable aspect that impacts the effectiveness of the platform. As the survey landscape evolves, continued improvement in user engagement and qualification processes will be critical to KashKik’s continued success.

2. There’s No Way To Sort The Surveys Offered

Maximizing your efficiency on paid survey platforms depends on the strategic priority of surveying, with an emphasis on hourly pay. Top-tier survey platforms facilitate this by enabling users to categorize surveys according to criteria such as total rewards and estimated completion time.

Sadly, KashKick is weak in this aspect, lacking any sorting functionality. The only option left for users is to manually scroll through the unorganized list.

KashKick Surveys: Potential Earnings

Starting our search for this Kashkik evaluation, we carefully collected information related to the initial 35 remuneration surveys presented to us. Our objective was to estimate the potential revenue that the platform could generate.

Kashkick Google's Reviews

These figures clearly reflect the potential earnings earned by the user in an optimal scenario, taking into account eligibility for each survey and compliance with the stipulated deadlines for completion.

Next, the next section describes the actual earnings earned during our assessment.

Total surveys reviewed:18
Total time to complete:10.75 hours
Total potential earnings:$6.06
Potential earnings per hour:45.6 cents
Average survey duration:18.4 minutes
Average survey pay:20.1 cents

KashKick Surveys: Our Actual Earnings

Please note that the surveys mentioned earlier were recorded by a member of The Ways to Wealth’s editorial team over a specific period of time. The surveys you come across may vary, as it did in my experience.

Let me share my test results. It is important to mention that the initial set of 32 surveys was finalized in January 2022, while the subsequent set of 32 surveys was finalized in December 2023.

Total number of surveys attempted:64
Success rate:23%
Disqualification rate:67%
Error rate (timed out or crashed):9%
Advertised time to complete all 64 surveys:13.7 hours
Actual time to complete all 64 surveys:7.3 hours
Average survey duration (successfully completed only)20 minutes
Average survey pay (successfully completed only): 43 cents
Earning per hour (includes all time spent):$0.90

During our careful testing phases, we engaged in two separate periods to evaluate the effectiveness of Kashkik. In the initial phase, we conducted 32 surveys, out of which we achieved success in 11 cases. Sadly, compensation was absent in one survey, while five others fell short of the advertised remuneration by a small margin.

The subsequent testing period yielded better results, with accurate payment received for all five successfully completed surveys. Although the total quantity was less this time, the accuracy in compensation was remarkable.

Despite devoting more time to completing successful surveys (16 surveys in 5 hours and 14 minutes, an average of 19.6 minutes per completed survey), the investment of time in unsuccessful surveys should not be overlooked. More than two hours was spent on 48 surveys that did not finish successfully, meaning each survey took about 2.5 minutes. Noteworthy is the fact that there was no remuneration for these failed attempts, which equates to approximately two hours of unpaid effort.

It is important to highlight that Kashkik’s exceptionally low pay rate, set at $0.90 per hour, is primarily influenced by its remarkably low success rate. Excluding data from failed surveys, completing 16 surveys in 314 minutes would result in earnings of $6.55, which equates to an hourly rate of approximately $1.25. Although still modest, this is higher than the actual earnings when considering the entire dataset.

Here is a comprehensive log detailing every survey we conducted on KashKick:

Advertised Time (Mins)Actual Time (Mins)Advertised PaymentActual PaymentResult
January 2022 testing
412$0.25$0.00Completed successfully but not paid.
111$0.81$0.00Survey crashed.
410$0.10$0.10Survey crashed, refreshed and ultimately completed successfully.
51$0.20$0.00Timed out.
59$0.20$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
61$0.19$0.00Timed out.
633$0.19$0.19Survey crashed, refreshed and ultimately completed successfully.
153$0.30$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
1013$0.17$0.17Disqualified, redirected to another survey, which was completed successfully.
1021$0.13$0.13Completed successfully.
833$0.13$0.13Completed successfully.
2522$2.65$2.63Disqualified and redirected to another survey, which was completed successfully.
83$0.13$0.00Disqualified, redirected, and then the survey crashed.
1029$0.34$0.00Survey crashed.
1528$0.20$0.19Completed successfully.
1219$0.24$0.23Completed successfully.
106$2.78$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
87$0.51 $0.00Disqualified.
912$0.87 $0.86Completed successfully.
114$0.97$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
112$0.97$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
132$0.90$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
1312$0.90$0.89Completed successfully.
December 2023 Testing
2361$0.26$0.26Successfully completed, but took nearly three times as long as advertised.
110$0.25$0.00System error.
138$0.18$0.18Successfully completed.
1510$0.25$0.25Successfully completed.
88$0.19$0.19Successfully completed.
1612$0.15$0.15Successfully completed.

KashKick Offers

Earning money through reward sites is often most effectively achieved by completing various offers. For example, in the case of Swagbucks, our tester managed to earn $240 with just one hour of effort.

While some offers are free and only require signing up for a website, many require an initial investment. Typically, users sign up for a service, pay a fee, and ideally, the rewards platform reimburses the amount in excess of the initial expense.

Kashkick Offers

In our initial investigation for this piece, Kashkik claimed 38 available offers. However, with the December 2023 update, the platform expanded significantly, adding 91 diverse offers.

The nature of the tasks varied widely, ranging from registering for Sam’s Club membership or various financial services to downloading and joining mobile games.

To provide a glimpse, here is an example showing the appearance of the Offers section:

[Include a brief description or visual representation if necessary.]

Additionally, let’s compare KashKik’s offerings to other platforms. It’s worth noting that we enrolled in the first three offers listed below, and the process proved straightforward. No glitches were encountered and the promised earnings immediately appeared in our account within a few days.

LifePointsSign up with LifePoints and complete a survey.$2N/AN/A
P&G Good EverydaySign up.$0.50N/AN/A
Sharecare RXSign up for an RX card.$1N/An/A
Aspiration BankDeposit $25.$50N/AN/A
StashDeposit $5.$50N/A$75
AcornsDeposit $5 and pay one monthly fee.$35$50$50
Public.comDeposit $5.$20$35N/A
LifeLockSign up for an annual plan ($89.99).$300$55$55

KashKick offers a remarkable range of offers, which is one of its most compelling features.

Take, for example, the attractive deal with LifeLock. By subscribing for $89.99 plus tax, you not only secure valuable protection, but also earn a substantial $300 from KashKick, making a profit of over $200.

Although it may not consistently offer the highest bonus amounts, KashKick sets itself apart by offering a selection of exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. This uniqueness makes it a must-have platform for those who want to take advantage of exclusive opportunities, which represents the optimal strategy for maximizing rewards on such sites.

Still, it’s important to be aware of KashKick’s terms of service. According to their guidelines, if you register and later cancel a partner offer, they retain the right to reclaim any affiliate earnings. In cases where they suspect that your primary motivation was simply to receive rewards, Cashkick has the right to not only recover payment for that particular offer, but also have the discretion to deactivate your account completely. When faced with such a scenario, all your earned money will be forfeited.

This policy stands out for its particularly stringent nature compared to other platforms. For example, Swagbucks takes a more transparent approach, clearly outlining the requirements for each offer and specifying the duration of any mandatory sign-up commitment, which usually extends beyond the initial billing cycle. Although user feedback has not flagged this as a prevalent issue, caution is advised.

KashKick Games

Like the competitors discussed in this article, KashKick offers a way to earn money through gaming apps – usually by downloading games and achieving specific milestones.

Typically, this involves advancing to a specified level within a specified time frame. Take Scrabble Go, for example; KashKick rewards you $10 for reaching level 21 within nine days and an additional $15 for reaching level 31 within 14 days.

While most games are free-to-play, opting for in-app purchases can speed up your progress toward these milestones.

Upon analysis, Kashkik emerges as a higher paying platform than Swagbucks for meeting similar milestones in most gaming apps. However, it is important to note that the time frame for completing these tasks is comparatively short.

In the case of Scrabble Go, Swagbucks gives a generous 30 days for the following achievements:

  • Install to earn 20 cents
  • Reach level 7 to earn $1
  • Reach level 17 to earn $2
  • Reach level 22 to earn $8
  • Reach level 31 to earn $12

Beyond free-to-play games, KashKick extends its offerings to competitive gaming apps.

These apps offer the opportunity to participate in tournaments with cash prizes, although they require a nominal entry fee.

Although these games boast some of the biggest prizes on Cashkick, tournaments require a specific monetary investment to enter. Winning a predetermined number of real money games within a limited time frame is also a requirement.

For example, consider the current terms of service for playing Solitaire Smash:

“Deposit $10, participate in tournaments, win 5 real money games within 5 days to get $25 (1st place only), win 35 real money games within 14 days for an additional $50 (1st place), and Win (1st Place) 60 Real Money Games in 21 Days for an Extra $75 – Total $150!”

It is important to exercise caution and never risk funds that you cannot afford to lose. It is essential to proceed with discretion when engaging in the Kashkik game. Although they offer the opportunity to earn, it is equally important to recognize the risks associated and manage your participation responsibly.

KashKick Referrals Program

KashKick, despite its somewhat quirky interface and occasional glitches with low-paying surveys, offers a commendable referral program.

Upon registering, simply visit the referral page to find your personal link. You can receive 25% of lifetime earnings for every person who registers through your URL, plus an additional 5% of their referral earnings.

However, convincing friends and family to join in on tasks by paying just $0.90 per hour is a challenge, raising doubts about the practicality of this approach.

Getting Paid

KashKik sets a modest minimum payout limit of $10, which is relatively reasonable compared to other platforms. During our seven hours of rigorous testing, we successfully reached this benchmark.

Kashkick app

Upon reaching the $10 mark, the cash-out process becomes flexible, allowing users to withdraw any amount above the minimum requirement.

Performing balance withdrawals proved to be a smooth and intuitive experience. Upon my initial signup, I linked my PayPal account. Going to the “Withdrawals” section within the “My Account” page, I entered my desired amount and simply clicked the “Withdrawal” button.

It’s worth noting that Cashkick exclusively offers PayPal cash as a payment method, with no option to redeem credits as gift cards.

As soon as I initiated the withdrawal, a prompt appeared indicating that the transaction was in progress. This fast and straightforward process adds to the overall user-friendly experience with KashKick.

KashKick FAQs

Are you wondering about KashKick’s signup bonus?

Although there is no traditional signup bonus, they do reward users $1 upon completion of their profile survey. Although initially this may not seem like a significant amount, it is the second highest paying survey in our experience.

Are you worried about running out of balance on your CashKick account?

According to KashKik’s terms of use, if a user does not log in for 60 days, his or her account becomes inactive, resulting in the loss of any accumulated funds. Even if the user reactivates his account, the money will not be restored.

Curious about the KashKik mobile app?

Android users are in luck, as KashKick offers a downloadable mobile app. Unfortunately, iPhone users are currently unable to find KashKick on Apple’s App Store.

Thoughts on global availability of KashKik?

Keep in mind that Kashkik’s terms specify that participants must be both a citizen and resident of the continental United States.

KashKick Review: Summary

KashKick ensures a seamless and quick cash-out process, coupled with strong offers, attractive game payouts and an attractive referral program. While it may be slightly lower in earning potential than rival survey platforms, its validity is undeniable.

So, is Qashqai legit? Absolutely. Our experience includes seamless sign-up processes, survey participation and hassle-free payments. The offers we discovered also lived up to their promises and we were impressed with the quick transfer of our PayPal earnings.

However, the question remains: is Qashqai really worthwhile? On the survey front, alternative options appear more promising. For those interested in the field of paid online surveys, our top recommendation is Survey Junkie – an established platform that boasts a stellar reputation. If you want a versatile platform that covers surveys, micro-tasks, and gaming, Swagbucks emerges as a better option.

For a detailed look at Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, check out our in-depth reviews.

Still, if your focus is on gaming and offers, KashKick should be considered. Make sure you understand the terms, understand their dynamics, and make informed comparisons with other reward sites before committing.

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