Is Rewards Giant Legit - My Honest Review

Is Rewards Giant Legit? My Honest Review (2024)

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Is Rewards Giant Legit? Here is my Honest Review (2024) – In the field of online income generation, many get-paid-to websites and apps claim the ability to facilitate free money accumulation.

Many platforms take the approach of providing paid surveys as a means to earn cash. Conversely, some entice users with attractive sign-up incentives, such as complimentary gift cards, simple registration, and completing certain tasks.

An example of this category is Rewards Giant UK, which claims that you can get $100 or more by simply performing five transactions effortlessly.

The important question arises: is Rewards Giant UK a reliable platform? And what is its operating mechanism?

To find out the truth, I investigated Rewards Giant UK first-hand. It details my findings, which are essential for you to make an informed decision before committing to or dismissing the platform.

Let’s get into the details.

What Is Rewards Giant?

Rewards Giant UK

Rewards Giant stands as a leading rewards platform operating in the UK, United States and Australia. Get a chance to receive complimentary $100 gift cards from leading retailers by joining sponsored deals with our trusted partners.

The platform shares similarities with other well-known counterparts like FlashRewards, which is infamous for its $750 Sheen, $750 Amazon, and $750 PayPal offers.

On the surface, Rewards Giant appears to be an attractive way to make money online. Promising a free $100 gift card from major players like Amazon or Walmart after completing a few deals, or up to $1,000 if you win 25 deals, undoubtedly attracts attention.

However, digging deeper reveals important factors that require thoughtful consideration before diving into the Rewards Giant experience.

Dive into the true potential of Rewards Giant, where exclusive rewards go to discerning users. Embark on a journey that goes beyond the surface, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the platform.

Is Rewards Giant Legit?

Certainly, Rewards Giant is a legitimate platform that actually compensates users upon successful completion of the required number of deals, and verifiable payment evidence exists online. However, obtaining more substantial rewards proves challenging, and the platform’s credibility is somewhat compromised by claims of effortless receipt of $100+ gift cards.

One notable drawback is the insistence on users providing credit card details or even making payments to complete specific deals.

Of course, you can secure a free $5 gift card and potentially get a $100 gift card through dedicated participation in multiple offers.

However, it is highly impossible to exceed this limit. In short, while Rewards Giant falls short as a high earning application, many other online side hustles offer more trustworthy opportunities.

It is worth noting that the rewards giant has a track record of payment delays and occasional disputes regarding deal completion. Failure to submit your claim correctly may result in payment not being made, creating an unsettling experience reminiscent of a potential scam.

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How Does Rewards Giant Work?

I joined Rewards Giant with the intention of thoroughly testing the platform and gaining insight into its functionality. The user interface is incredibly intuitive, similar to other reward platforms focused on offers.

Rewards Giant Gift Cards

Earning with Rewards Giant in the United Kingdom involves successfully completing a specified number of “Sponsored Deals” offered by their partners. This achievement qualifies you to redeem a complimentary gift card. Sponsored deals typically involve tasks such as registering for free trials, taking surveys, downloading apps, or completing short online assignments.

Similar to its counterparts, Rewards Giant employs a tiered reward structure, which ensures that the more deals and trials you complete, the higher your compensation.

In short, the process with Rewards Giant can be summarized into four straightforward steps:

  • Choose your favorite gift card reward.
  • Sign up for the platform.
  • Successfully complete sponsored deals.
  • Receive your well-deserved award.

Impressed by the potential of the platform, I decided to take an in-depth look at each step to provide a more comprehensive understanding.

1. Select Your Gift Card Reward

Unlike typical awards platforms, Rewards Giant differentiates itself by not featuring a direct “Sign-Up” button upon entering Instead, visitors are greeted with a specific option – “Get a quick start.”

Upon clicking this button, users are directed to a page where they can choose their preferred gift card reward, which is a token of appreciation for successfully completing a series of transactions.

Currently, Rewards Giant offers a curated selection of five attractive gift card options:

  • Amazon
  • EBAY
  • Temu
  • Visa
  • Wal-mart

Your journey towards gift card rewards starts with a minimum value of $100, which is achieved after successfully completing five transactions. Once you’ve decided on the gift card you want, you’re asked to make three simple inquiries before finalizing your sign-up:

  • Do you primarily shop online?
  • What are your plans for using gift cards?
  • How often do you engage in shopping each week?

It’s important to note that answering these questions does not affect your eligibility for deals or rewards;

Rather, it serves the sole purpose of collecting valuable user data.

Rewards Giant’s unique approach to onboarding ensures a tailored and user-centric experience, allowing individuals to navigate the platform seamlessly while providing valuable insights for advanced optimization.

2. Sign Up

Upon completing Rewards Giant’s questionnaire, you proceed to sign up by entering your email address. This initiates the next step, an optional survey (though, I recommend skipping it).

During the sign-up process, you may encounter redirects to various sites, which may arouse suspicion and seem a bit suspicious. However, based on my experience, it has proven to be reliable.

As long as you are 18 and provide your email, Rewards Giant does not require additional information. Nevertheless, some partners featured on their sites may request more details, which are usually held as user data for their companies.

If you are comfortable with the potential distribution of such information, you can proceed to explore money making opportunities.

3. Complete Sponsored Deals

Unlocking earnings with Rewards Giant involves completing sponsored deals that enable you to redeem a variety of gift cards. The more deals you successfully complete, the more valuable gift cards you will unlock.

Many examples of sponsored deals available at Rewards Giant include:

  • Register for Capital One Shopping
  • Enjoying a free trial of Showtime
  • Installing Rakuten Browser Extension
  • Get a 3-month free trial of SiriusXM
  • Buying $33 Worth of Vitamins Online

However, the platform categorizes deals into five different tiers. As you advance to higher levels, deals become more challenging, going beyond simple tasks like downloading an app or taking a survey.

At the premium level, some deals may require you to provide your credit card details to access the free trial and subscription. This is where the credibility of Rewards Giant can be questioned, as earning rewards is not as straightforward as it initially seems.

According to Rewards Giant, it’s possible to get a $100 gift card without spending any money, and my experience with the platform supports this claim.

However, exceeding this limit can create challenges. Additionally, managing multiple subscriptions and trials suddenly becomes a concern.

To summarize, while Rewards Giant offers a straight-forward way to earn rewards, it’s important to navigate the potential complexities involved in high-end deals and manage memberships effectively to get the most out of the platform.

4. Get Your Reward

Getting your initial transaction only takes you into the realm of level two deals, with no immediate rewards. However, as you venture into sponsored deals within level two, you begin accumulating credits that pave the way to coveted gift card rewards.

As mentioned in the rewards chart, completing two deals earns you $5, while completing five deals increases your earnings to $100. Moving up to 25 deals gives a substantial reward of $1000.

Based on personal experience, the prospect of exceeding the $100 limit may initially seem too good to be true, leading to doubts about the legitimacy of Rewards Giant.

To redeem these earned rewards, visit the “My Rewards” tab, where you can select your favorite gift card.

Upon reaching the minimum cashout threshold, it becomes necessary to initiate a prize claim. This process involves ID verification and is generally finished within 3-4 days.

One of the more time-consuming aspects of using Rewards Giant is the rewards claim process, which demands proof for each completed deal. This includes capturing screenshots of confirmation emails, receipts, and sign-up confirmations, leaving no room for inspection.

While many BearMoney platforms offer straightforward redemption options like free PayPal cash or gift cards, Rewards Giant introduces an additional layer of complexity. Verification of completed deals becomes mandatory, and receipt of payment depends on successful verification.

How Many Sponsored Deals Do You Have To Complete?

Unlocking a $5 gift card from Rewards Giant requires successfully navigating two different deals. Let’s look at the intricacies of each reward level:

  • $5 Reward: Can be obtained by completing one Level 1 deal and one Level 2 deal.
  • $100 Reward: Can be obtained with one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, and an additional three deals from Level 3, for a total of five deals.
  • $250 Reward: Securing this reward involves completing one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, and an impressive five Level 4 deals.
  • $500 Prize: Requires completing one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals and an additional five deals from Level 5 to level up your prize game.
  • $750 reward: Reaching this level requires the successful execution of one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals, and ten deals from Level 5.
  • $1,000 Prize: The pinnacle of Rewards Giant’s offering requires winning one Level 1 deal, one Level 2 deal, three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals and an impressive fifteen Level 5 deals.

It is important to note that Level 5 deals typically involve monetary investment or concerns may arise about managing multiple subscriptions. This means that it may cost you some money to get higher rewards with Rewards Giant, an aspect that may not intuitively align with your party’s preferences.

Other Rewards Giant Reviews

After thoroughly evaluating Rewards Giant, I believe it is not a worthwhile investment of your time, especially considering the challenges associated with completing high-level deals. However, it is valuable to gather insights from other users to build a more comprehensive perspective.

Checking out various Rewards Giant reviews on Reddit sheds light on users’ experiences with the platform in their desire to earn money. Suitedbatsam expressed skepticism, sharing, “I’m still not convinced… Even after a week, I keep getting reminders for the challenge I’ve already completed, leading to disappointment in anticipation of my reward.” it occurs.”

Another user, ExhaustedTanuki, acknowledges the validity of the platform, but notes its lack of feasibility due to high payouts, highlighting concerns about the mobile site’s suspicious presence for users in the United States.

On a more serious tone, vdub_1969 declares, “100% SCAM.”

These testimonials paint a somewhat dubious picture of Rewards Giant, with one user reporting failure to receive credit for completed tasks, adding a layer of concern.

While small rewards may not be entirely unreasonable, there are better platforms available for earning free gift cards. It is clear from these reviews that Rewards Giant may not be the most reliable option.

This review explains the intricacies of the award level system, with an emphasis on the difficult challenge of reaching higher award levels. It warns that careful adherence to the rules is important, as failure to do so could result in non-payment.

In conclusion, this evaluation considers Rewards Giant a potential waste of time, suggesting that alternative avenues, such as reputable paid survey sites, offer a more favorable option for users seeking free rewards.

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Rewards Giant UK – Summary

Knowing how Rewards Giant operates and determining its value to you is important for your time. Our in-depth review aims to provide insight into the functionality of the platform.

While some users face challenges such as payment delays, redirects to dubious websites, limited earning potential, and an inferior user interface, sometimes payments do. However, this does not necessarily validate the legitimacy of Rewards Giant.

It is advisable to stay away from this platform and explore alternatives like Branded Surveys or Qashqik for a more reliable and rewarding experience.

There are so many reliable ways to make money online, so why take a chance on an average survey site? Explore other options and increase your online earning potential.

Good luck in your pursuit of awards!

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